Statistics show that only 40% of the total number of startups in the world are able to make profits, and the amount of effort they put into it and the strategies they use is one of the main reasons why. 

Now, we all have seen how drastically the way of marketing products and services has changed. Smart marketers no longer rely on posters, TV advertisements, and other tools to increase awareness of startups – they focus on promoting their startups on the Internet.

This is because many people of all age groups spend a significant amount of time during their days scrolling through social media platforms and watching random videos.

Videos are the most loved form of content on the Internet, and now that marketers have found out about the impact a video can have on people, they are very focused on making video content for their target audiences. 

This way, everyone benefits — the marketer can convey more information in less time through video content, and the audience can understand all that without getting bored. 

However, your job is only halfway done when you make video content for your startup. 

No matter how good your video content is, if it is not optimized to reach the target audience, your efforts will have a high chance of going in vain. To ensure that this never happens, you will need to use the right video marketing strategies to boost reach and increase engagement for your video content. 

This article discusses the impact and importance of video marketing in today’s age and the eight highly effective video marketing strategies that experts swear by.

Video Marketing: Importance and Impact

Before we get into the video marketing strategies to ensure the success of your startup, you must get an in-depth idea of what video marketing is and why it is so important in today’s age.

 In simple words, video marketing is the method of using video content to promote the products and services of a startup. 

The main purpose of video marketing is to increase engagement rate on the internet and social media platforms, educate your audiences about the products and services to help them form well-informed purchase decisions, and, lastly, increase sales. 

The journey of video marketing began with the arrival of YouTube back in 2005, as marketers noticed that no other form of content is as enjoyable as a video. Creating videos for the Internet has become easier ever since, which is why video marketing is even more popular among startups today. 

The rise of smartphones and internet users since the early 2000s is remarkable, which has been a blessing to all businesses relying on the Internet to grow. 

The scenario of video content has changed so much that, apart from YouTube, other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., now use video content to get more engagement on their platform. 

As a result, marketers on these platforms get to use video content to generate leads. 

Video content is a versatile tool that helps potential customers make quick decisions and build trust. 94% of marketers who use video marketing strategies have said that videos have helped increase the user’s understanding of their products and services. 

The majority of the audience prefers watching a video of the brand they are purchasing from to understand the products or services. 

8 Highly Effective Video Marketing Strategies that Make Video Marketing a Huge Success for Startups

Various research has shown that people remember video content far more than other forms of content like photos, blogs, etc. However, even in 2022, many startups and businesses find video marketing difficult. 

The process is actually easy because many tools help even small startups leverage the power of video marketing. 

So, without further adieu, let’s look at eight highly effective video marketing strategies to ensure high success for startups.

Do Your Research About the Target Audience

The first thing to understand before making videos for your startup is what kind of people you want your videos to reach. 

The Internet is used by people of all kinds of tastes and age groups, so you must be specific. Depending on your startup, figure out what your target audience needs, what problems they are likely to face, and how your startup can be the solution to their problem. 

Once you have all the answers ready, only then can you sit down and prepare wonderful scripts for your video content. Aim to be as specific as you can about the target audience to ensure the overall growth of your startup. 

Focus on Practical Planning Before Shooting

A simple yet practical plan can go a long way, especially for startups.

Before you begin making video content, ask yourself who your target audience is, what the hosting platform will be, what your current goal for the startup is, and how you would measure the success of the video content. 

Once you have all the answers, it’s time to begin making videos for your startup.

Keep Things Short and Sweet

Lengthy videos are a big no-no for all video hosting platforms, including YouTube. Keep your videos as simple as you can and focus on creating a good video that will make the audience interested in watching the rest of the content. 

To make things easier, you can make a 1-2 Min long video and edit it with a professional touch using an online video editor that comes with a host of . amazing add on features and more than thousand of pre-made videos templates to give your final video a good professional look you want.

Create a Folder for Extra Footage

Not all the footage you shoot while making videos is needed; at times, there are a lot of extras. It’s wise not to delete the extras and keep them in a separate folder for future use. 

This will save you so much time later because you will not need to film every time you are planning to make videos for the startup. Simply go through the folder and see if there is any footage you can use for new video content. 

Think of What Kinds of Videos are Ideal for Your Startup

There are various kinds of videos to make for your startup, but that does not imply that all of them will work equally well. There are demo videos, training videos, tutorials, testimonial videos, explainer videos, screencast videos, company culture videos, social videos, teaser videos, and so on. 

And each kind of video has its purpose, so you have to make the videos depending on your goal for the startup. 

For instance, if your goal is to increase awareness, start by making a video that focuses on your startup and lets the audience know about everything they need to know before they make their purchase. 

Such videos are informative and help build a connection between the audience and the startup. 

If you aim to increase sales, an explainer video is a good way to make audiences understand different ways to utilize your products. 

Lastly, keep in mind that your videos need to be HD, but the script and storyline of the video are more important. 

Repurpose Your Videos

It’s important to be practical and not waste time making tons of similar videos. Instead, you can use the existing video content for different purposes. 

For example, suppose your startup is active on both YouTube and Instagram, and you want to ensure that both platforms get equal attention with minimum effort. In that case, you can make the YouTube video first and later trim a short clip from the original video to post on your startup’s Instagram handle. 

Set a Budget for Video Content

Regardless of how big your startup is, you should have a specific budget for your video content to ensure that you’re not overspending. 

To set the budget, ask yourself what kind of videos you want to make, whether you will outsource videos to an external production company or create them yourself, and what kind of equipment will be needed. 

You can make videos internally if you want to avoid spending too much. 

Making videos will not be very complicated, even if you have zero experience with a camera. Watching tutorials online and investing in good lighting, a tripod, and a good camera or smartphone will do the job. 

The rise of online video editors has helped all sorts of businesses and startups make high-quality videos in minutes. With a little practice, you will make professional-looking videos for your startup, as the features of such online editors are very easy to understand and master. 

Pick Your Video Hosting Platforms Beforehand

Each video hosting platform performs differently, and each of them has different size limitations. For Instagram Reels, it’s best if your videos are vertical, while horizontal videos are ideal for YouTube. 

So, get the dimension measurements, details about the length of the videos that work best on the platforms, and other information before you start editing the footage. 



Understanding the current market demand is very crucial to making a startup successful. Doing all the necessary research before making a big decision and looking up successful strategies that will take the startup further is a must. 

Apart from using the aforementioned strategies, remember to showcase your creativity through the content you post. This will make your startup stand out from competitors and impress your audience.