8 Best Free Flow Chart Templates [+ Examples]

A great business requires many things to succeed – strong leadership, a competitive advantage, and a unique perspective. However, there is one factor that can make or break a business. the process (Or lack thereof).

A clear, reusable process poses two major obstacles to successful business implementation. Number one is the development of this process, and number two is gaining traction from stakeholders on this process. That said, the best way to deal with these two possible obstacles is to sketch a process that is transparent and logical.

Many businesses use flow charts to accomplish this task, such as flow charts:

  • Visually outline a process roadmap to understand the full scope, and;
  • Easily digested by employees who need to know the process and follow it.

To help you create actionable flow charts for your organization, we’ve listed them. Eight Best Flow Chart Templates You can start downloading and using it today to create a better process in any area of ​​your business.

Let’s jump in

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What is a flow chart?

A flow chart is a visual map that helps explain the process of making a decision, drawing conclusions, or presenting a conclusion. Flow charts begin at the starting point of the graphic, and as users follow it, they will choose one of several outcomes or options until the end of the process.

In business, flow charts can be used for any of the following purposes:

  • Team alignment and process
  • Email nurturing
  • Customer Travel Mapping
  • Customer or employee on boarding
  • A / B testing
  • QA-ing work
  • Career development
  • Customer support

Here are eight examples of business templates and flow charts – each comes with a download link so you can start using this template on Google Slides.

Examples of 8 flow charts for business.

1. Basic process flow chart template

Basic flow chart template

Download this template.

The basic flow chart template is the ideal solution for those who are just starting out with a flow chart. The template allows its designers to define a starting point, two possible outcomes, and then the consequences that result from those decisions. Due to its limitations, this flow chart template may be best suited for basic operations, such as a simple A / B test.

Flow chart example: Basic process flow chart

Example of A / B test flow chart

This template envisions how a user visiting the company’s landing page can change and become a lead.

Who should use this flow chart?

This flow chart is helpful for those who want to design an A / B test so that they can determine the best way to get the results they are looking for.

What we like about this flow chart template.

The basic process flow chart is easy to use and follow and is ideal for documenting straightforward or simple processes.

2. Third Lane Flow Chart Template

Third Lane Flow Chart Template

Download this template.

The third lane flow chart template is for dividing the steps of a process into different areas. For your business, these different areas can be time periods, teams, employees, or work requirements.

Flow chart example: Third lane flow chart

Example of customer on boarding flow chart

In the example above, the swimming routes are divided to illustrate the process of the client’s journey.

Who should use this flow chart?

Third-line flow charts are especially helpful for those who monitor the cross-functional process.

What we like about this flow chart template.

This template envisions different process steps in different organizations.

3. Task flow chart template

Task flow chart template

Download this template.

A task flow chart template is distinguished by what each shape represents on the flow chart. This format is useful when the work of multiple teams is interconnected throughout the process, as individuals can easily identify the tasks for which they are responsible. These responsibilities are noted in a key on the flow chart for immediate reference.

Shapes can also represent a variety of processes.

Flow chart example: Landing page flow chart

Landing page flow chart example

In the example above, the different shapes represent the beginning, end, and steps taken during the landing page viewing process. This task flow chart example follows an “if it is” format, showing various results that may occur when a potential customer visits the landing page.

Who should use this flow chart?

Project managers want to keep an eye on different tasks and their results.

What we like about this flow chart template.

The taskflow chart visually shows how the various product contributions support the end result. Each stakeholder can see how their work affects the flow of the project.

4. Complex flow chart template

Complex flow chart template

Download this template.

This template is the perfect solution for flow charts that do not require grid lines or different shapes. It provides options for multiple endpoints depending on which steps are taken through the process.

Flow Chart Example: Getting Flow Chart Services

Flow chart example

The above hiring visual is an example of a complex flow chart with different events and possible outcomes.

Who should use this flow chart?

Teams want to organize a process that can have different endpoints or projects that involve multiple initiatives and stakeholders.

What we like about this flow chart template.

Complex processes can be difficult to monitor. This flow chart template creates an intuitive visual for multi-step processes.

5. Circular flow chart template

Circular flow chart template

Download this template.

The circular flow chart template transforms things with a different shape, but it also provides a different path structure.

Flow chart example: Social media flow chart

Example of social media flow chart

For example, in the image above, the template can be used as a decision making framework. Here, it is used to help the social media manager decide which site to use to post content.

Who should use this flow chart?

Social media managers, product marketers, and content strategists can find this template tailored to their needs.

What we like about this flow chart template.

This template is cleaner than some more complex templates and may be better for visual learners.

6. Linear flow chart template

Linear flow chart template

Download this template.

A linear flow chart template is the solution when there is really only one best result, and each step of the process will either lead someone to that conclusion or as a result the process will just end.

Flow Chart Example: Email nurturing flow chart

Email nurture flow chart example

An example – highlighted above – might be for parenting. In the picture, the process ends whether one signs up for an event or not.

Who should use this flow chart?

Email Marketing Specialists, Sales Teams

What we like about this flow chart template.

With a single purpose, the beginning and end of this flow chart format is clear.

7. Tree Flow Chart Template

Tree Flow Chart Template

Download this template.

A tree-style flow chart template is most useful for situations where there are multiple options and when the next step in each option is clear and distinct.

Flow chart example: Phone tree flow chart

Example of phone tree flow chart

This example shows the various options and next steps that a caller can take when contacting a business by telephone.

Who should use this flow chart?

For businesses, this would be perfect for a FlowChart support department – who can use this template to map answers from AutoChat support or (as described above) from the phone tray.

What we like about this flow chart template.

Every action has a clear next step and a predetermined outcome.

8. Organizational Flow Chart Template

Organizational Flow Chart Template

Download this template.

Final Flow Chart Businesses want to use an organizational flow chart (or organizational chart) template.

Flow chart example: Organizational flow chart

Example of organizational flow chart

While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, this concept helps people within the company understand who is reporting to whom and who is responsible for what.

Who should use this flow chart?

This template is used by company heads and / or a department to outline a chain of command in a business area. It can also be used by human resource teams to communicate team structure and organizational decisions.

What we like about this flow chart template.

Users can see at a glance how the team is formed, and quickly determine who they need to go to for their project or get answers to their questions.

Business Flow Chart Templates

Business Flow Chart Templates are the fastest and easiest way to create a flow chart. All of the above templates can be downloaded by clicking here and they are completely customizable when it comes to shape, form, color and imagery.

Download free templates to better describe and communicate the process in your company.

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