8 Best Cookie Cutter Sets in 2021

  • Convert a basic sugar cookie or gingerbread dough into interesting shapes easily with a cookie cutter.
  • You can get absolutely any shape from measured biscuit cutter to jumping reindeer and Christmas tree.
  • We’ve got 8 great cookie cutter sets for home bakers to use during the holiday season and beyond.

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Cookie cutters can make the most basic dough interesting. They provide a clean canvas for decorating or creating festive scenes, and if you have little time, a fun look can stand out on its own. Most cookie cutters are made of stainless steel or durable plastic, and while some of these dishwashers are safe, washing your cutters by hand is not a bad idea. This way you can make sure that the detailed sketch stays in shape.

For best results, dip the edge of your cookie cutter in flour (or cocoa powder for chocolate cookies). This will help you to get a clean cut without sticking to the cutter flour. Also, cool your dough before cutting it into shapes. Always follow the specific instructions in the recipe, but in general, cold dough cuts easily and is in better shape when baked.

We’ve put together eight great cookie cutters so you can make sandwich cookies, perfectly sized biscuits, or Christmas cookies.

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