70 Venezuelans arrested by CBP as a number hit the border amid turmoil in the country

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detained a group of 70 illegal immigrants in Big Bend National Park in Texas on Wednesday that the agency He said in a statement It consists of people from Venezuela.

The park is located on a portion of the border in West Texas, about 300 miles southeast of El Paso. Since November 25, authorities in Big Bend have faced more than 200 migrants, a symptom of an ongoing migration crisis that saw more than 164,000 encounters during the month of October.

While the total of 164,000 represents an increase compared to any other monthly number reported between October 2019 and February 2021, it actually represents a decrease in the number of reported crossings since the highest level in July when CBP encountered nearly 214,000 migrants.

The decrease in the number of meetings coincided with a strategy presented by the Vice President Kamala Harris The July 29th aims to address the root causes of out-migration by funding humanitarian needs and setting up an anti-corruption task force.

Many Venezuelans desperately seek to flee the country, where basic necessities remain elusive. Here migrants use a rope to cross the Tachira River, the natural border between Colombia and Venezuela on November 19, 2020.
Photo by Schneider Mendoza/AFP via Getty Images

Harris’ strategy focuses on the northern triangle of Central America in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras where more than half of the immigrants encountered by CBP originated. But while the number of immigrants from this region is declining, the number of people venturing into the US border from Venezuela is increasing.

Since July, the number of Venezuelans encountered by CBP at the southern border has increased every month. In July, the agency responded to just over 6,100 immigrants. In October, that total jumped to more than 13,400 encounters.

Venezuela’s economy has been in decline since former President and United Socialist Party leader Hugo Chávez took office in 1999. While Chávez’s policies were aimed at reducing inequality and helping the country’s poor, Harvard Gazette wrote that they instead set the country on a path of decline. The economy, where it was reported that corruption in his administration is rampant.

The economy has since remained unstable under the leadership of current President and Socialist Party leader Nicolas Maduro, and today United nations The High Commissioner for Refugees reported that the country was facing “violence, insecurity and threats, as well as a lack of food, medicine and basic services.”

In the past, Venezuela hosted thousands of refugees from the region and other parts of the world. Commission Books. “Now an increasing number of Venezuelans have been forced to leave their homes, and a large number of them need international protection. More than 4 million Venezuelans have left their country so far, according to data from the governments that received them, making this among the largest recent displacement crises in the world.”

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