7 steps to launch a social media marketing campaign

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7 steps to launch a social media marketing campaign

July 12, 2021

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Social media gives new brands an incredible opportunity to bring a new product to market for a very targeted, participant, audience with a wallet. You have access to consumers located around the world as well as the ability to target them based on very specific variables.

Brands today have such a huge advantage over brands that started just ten years ago. While this may sound great, it’s not as simple as making a few posts on the opening day and watching the snowball sale.

It takes a lot of preparation and planning along with a great product to have a successful launch on social media. Here are the seven steps needed to launch a brand new one on social media, regardless of niche.

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Set clear goals

You need to identify KPIs and goals before anything else. What is going to make your particular beginning successful? This will be very different for each brand. It could be based on sales, the growth of the email list or just the generation that means long-term brand awareness.

Be specific if it’s sales and revenue related. What is high sales? How much income? You have to keep this all in mind ahead of time. Decide how much money you are going to invest in the launch and make sure that whatever your goals are, you will break out, at least.

2. Develop a timeline

Once you have set the start date, you need to make a backup and map the timeline from the current day to the start date. Then break the time window into blocks. Each step to create a launcher takes time. If you feel your timeline is too tight, push it again.

The last thing you want to do is commit to a start date and then a week before you have to push it again. It can be a death sentence for a brand, especially if you have already communicated the date to an expectant social audience.

3. Choose the best social media

This is where your strategy starts to play. What social media are you going to focus on to reach your target audience? While it feels right to play high-stakes and attack every platform available, it’s the opposite.

Focus on two or three best pitches for your start. This allows you to put more emphasis on each one, which will greatly affect the return on investment. Choose social media that best suits your brand and target audience.

Are you following a younger 18 to 20 year old demographic? TikTok is the place to be. Are you interested in connecting to a 32- to 45-year-old demographic property? Facebook should be your first platform. Don’t worry about which social forum is the most popular: Choose depending on where your target audience is active.

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4. Map influencer and marketing strategies

Coordinating the right influencers to help the beginning with your beginning can give you momentum that is not available elsewhere. Try to negotiate with influencers who have an audience that matches your market.

From a fixed fee per transaction to sharing revenue sharing, work on something that makes sense and allows you to take advantage of the following. If you break away or even take a small hit, consider the upside, which is gaining a large customer on the first day that can be marketed down the line multiple times.

And here’s a tip for professionalism: Have the influencer promote and promote your brand and product to their audience as he or she sees fit. The response will be much better if this is done naturally and not something that feels staged and organized. Giving influencers total creative control will yield the best results.

5. Design properties that start a campaign

You will need a large selection of content and formats. On the start day, you will have several campaigns loaded and ready to go that you will closely monitor and optimize in real time.

If one format or image works better, you need to adapt. Will meme be better than GIF? How about a video? You need variety to gather as much data as possible. Some examples of campaign assets are high quality product images; lifestyle photos; videos, both long and short; GIFs and memes.

It is also important to design each content property specifically for the platform in which it will be used. This involves tailoring the video run time for a specific social channel and making images the right size to ensure proper viewing.

6. Organize your social media content

Once you have identified your social platform and created all of your content, you must now plan it. You have an official start date, but do not forget the days until then. This is the perfect time to build anticipation with content teasers.

You can plan your entire organic campaign in one of SaaS tools like Hootsuite, which helps you plan your launch as well as respond and participate during the launch. You are going to be there to answer questions and answer in real time.

Participating in the discussion will increase sales and the participation boost will help increase your organic grace. Even if your marketing strategy is about paid social media advertising, you still want to have an organic campaign on the agenda.

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7. Start your campaign

If you have enough time to map and locate everything, then you will be ready to go on the start day. Be sure to have extra hands on the deck to deal with customer service, answer sales questions and make sure everything runs smoothly.

A bad run can sink a brand before it even has a chance to thrive. Be sure to plan every possible accident as it is unheard of to launch without any hiccups. Be prepared for the unexpected and ready to make changes as you go.


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