7 Best Phone Screen Protectors for Privacy

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7 Best Phone Screen Protectors for Privacy

From usernames and passwords to messages and personal information, people can learn a lot from the display of your smartphone. Therefore, to protect your data, you must install a privacy screen protector.

These items will not only protect your phone screen from cracks and scratches, but will also prevent your shoulder gaze from peeking into your data.

So, to help protect your privacy, these are the best privacy screen protectors available right now.

The ZGG is known for its range of high quality screen protectors, which provide protection for a wide range of smartphones. The ZG EngibleShield Glass Privacy Screen Protector for the iPhone X is designed specifically for Apple’s smartphones.

In that case, it fits the device perfectly. Its design also ensures that it will not interfere with any feature or function of the iPhone. You are guaranteed a smooth and smooth experience with this screen protector.

They also include EZ Apple Tabs and EZ Apply Trays so you can install this protector quickly and easily. In addition, if the ZigG’s privacy screen deteriorates during the lifetime of your phone, the company will replace it.

Main Features

  • Custom fit for iPhone X.
  • Oil-resistant layer to avoid fading
  • Smooth surface for comfortable touch screen use

  • Brand: ZG
  • Compatibility: IPhone X, iPhone XS

  • Can be ordered with optional case
  • 100% clarity at 90 degrees
  • Precision touch sensitivity does not interfere with the phone’s touch screen

Spaghetti is one of the most popular brands when it comes to cases and screen protectors. Spaghetti tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 12 Mini is in line with the company’s reputation for high quality.

An advanced feature offered by this screen protector is its auto-alignment kit. Now you need to slowly and carefully place the screen protector on your phone.

With EZFit Tray, all you need to do is clean your screen, remove the sticker and keep the tray on your phone. This ensures that the privacy screen protector is in perfect position on your device each time, each time.

The only downside is that it doesn’t protect the front camera lens. But if you use it in conjunction with the Spaghetti case, you can be guaranteed that the protector and the case will fit perfectly. This ensures the best fit and a high degree of protection for your phone.

Main Features

  • Comes with auto alignment installation kit for easy installation
  • Glass hard glass with a 9H hardness rating
  • Designed to fit all span cases perfectly

  • Brand: Sponge
  • Compatibility: IPhone 12 Mini

  • Perfect for spine case users
  • No change in screen response times
  • Installed in five easy steps, no manual alignment required

  • Does not cover the front screen completely

Footer Privacy Screen Protector is one of the most valuable screen protectors for privacy. Although it has the same price as other products, it comes as a three-pack. It costs you a lot more than one purchase.

One of the best features of this privacy screen protector is that it offers full coverage. Yes, it protects your screen, but it also protects your front camera, which does not compromise image quality.

The alignment tool provided means you can install it cleanly, even if you’re a newborn tomorrow. You don’t have to rely on trial and error to keep your privacy screen protector on your phone. And even if you make a mistake and damage one guard, you still have two others available in the box.

This is one of the best choice of privacy screen protector for budget people. Not only does it cost more than the box, but you can do the installation with the help of the included tools.

Main Features

  • 28 degree view of privacy
  • Resists strength up to 5 kg
  • Scattered resistant edges

  • Brand: Foot drill
  • Compatibility: IPhone 12 Pro Max

  • Added alignment tool for perfect installation
  • The front camera protects the lens
  • Comes in a packet of three

  • Easily retains fingerprints

Supershields Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro makes your iPhone comfortable to hold. This is due to the 2.5D round edge design, which avoids the sharp feeling of regular screen protectors.

Another key feature of this screen protector is its oval phobic coating. This ensures that your phone will not become a fingerprint magnet. With this installed, you can see your screen clearly even after using it all day.

This option is a highly transparent, highly responsible protector. Although there is a layer of physical and privacy protection on your screen, you will not notice it. This is especially true if you are watching it live, while people around you will not be able to see much.

Main Features

  • 9H hardness for high scratch resistance
  • L 2.5 2.5D round glass edges for more comfortable grip
  • Olive phobic coating prevents fingerprint smoke

  • Brand: Supershields
  • Compatibility: IPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro

  • Does not collect fingerprints
  • Comfortable to use without sharp edges
  • Avoid the rainbow effect that accompanies other privacy screens

  • Does not protect the front camera

Not all screen protectors are compatible with phone cases. Some of them spread too much on the screen and interfere with the case. So, if you have an annoying issue and still want privacy, consider OTA privacy screen protection for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

This privacy screen protector is designed to fit the right side of most cases. This ensures that your phone is safe everywhere, from back to front.

The edge of the protector will not catch your case, avoid lifting and bubble making. The screen protector also completely covers the front of your iPhone 11 Pro Max. This means that even your camera covers the lens, helping it to avoid damage in the event of an accident.

Main Features

  • Compatible with most phone cases
  • Provides full coverage on the front of the phone
  • Clear the screen with a prominent dip in brightness

  • Brand: OTA
  • Compatibility: IPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS Max

  • Comes with an easy install tray
  • Protects your screen and front camera
  • Works with your phone case for complete protection

  • There is no oleophobic coating

JTEC Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Pro offers a screen skit protector for those who want an arbitrary privacy screen. At a distance of only 0.33 mm, you will feel as if your phone does not have a privacy screen installed.

It is also flexible while being tough. This feature ensures that it can absorb and eliminate the forces applied to it. Its privacy coverage is up to 30 degrees on one side. This allows you to use your phone comfortably, preventing others from seeing your screen.

The only downside to this product is that it doesn’t include an installation tray. If you are planning to achieve this, make sure your hand is stable or seek help from someone who is accustomed to doing it.

Main Features

  • Ultra-thin glass layer at only 0.33 mm thick
  • Dust and fingerprint resistant
  • Resists scratches up to 9H

  • Brand: Jetik
  • Compatibility: IPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro

  • Slim, unassuming, and careful design
  • Flexible design absorbs and eliminates applicable forces

  • No installation tray included

If you’re on a budget, you can’t go wrong with the Elon Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max. It provides the best protection for your privacy by reducing the viewing angle of your phone.

It has great clarity, so you don’t need to increase the brightness of your phone when you install it. At the same time, its surface is both hydro and oleophobic, ensuring that fingerprints and sweat do not build up on your screen.

The only problem you may encounter is that it does not cover the screen completely. This could be a problem if you don’t have a case. But if you have a phone case, it ensures that the case and screen protector will not interfere.

Main Features

  • Compatible with most cases available for iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Hydrophobic and oily phobic screens avoid smiles and watermarks
  • Round edges with 99.9% touch accuracy

  • Brand: Elon
  • Compatibility: IPhone 12 Pro Max

  • Does not produce fingerprints
  • Maintains responsiveness on the touch screen
  • Easy to install with video instructions

  • Limited privacy when viewed from above or below

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any good privacy screen protectors?

Yes, Privacy Screen Protector is not just designed to physically protect your screen. They can also limit the viewing angles of your phone. That way, people around you won’t see sensitive information on your phone.

Q: Will the Privacy Screen Protector hide cracks?

Unfortunately, if your phone is already cracked, it won’t be able to hide it. Privacy Screen Protector will protect your screen from sharpening. It can also prolong the time required before you need to make changes. But you will still need to change it.

Q: Does privacy screen reduce screen quality?

Privacy screens reduce the quality of the screen, but depending on the brand, the effect is negligible. Most new screen protectors only reduce brightness by one percent or more. However, other models significantly reduce this. It’s a good idea to check with a reviewer before making a purchase to make sure you get what you want.

Q: Do screen protectors reduce screen sensitivity?

No, most new screen protectors will not reduce the sensitivity of your screen. However, you need to check that the screen protector you are installing is compatible with the built-in fingerprint readers. Some brands require you to re-register your prints on your phone, while others will not work with it.

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