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7 apps to help you with money worries and financial stress

Dealing with financial stress can be difficult for many people. After all, it can be embarrassing to talk about money or ask for help from others. Although this does not seem to be the case, most people go through periods of financial stress at all times.

If you are going through a stressful financial period, then there are some apps that can help you navigate it. Whether you need to budget, improve your credit score, or make extra cash, these smartphone apps can help.

1. Stable

Study is a revenue-generating app that earns money by directing users to free (or free trial) offers and gives you a percentage of your earnings. Basically, you get paid to sign up for free stuff.

For example, you can claim $ 50 when you sign up for a free bank account. Or, $ 5 when you use a free credit score booster. Study pays you within the app so you don’t have to go to every provider to collect your revenue. Although sometimes you can get extra income from providers.

Steady also has a gig-based work database, where you can earn extra money that day. You also get a bonus from Steady when you sign up. Its database also includes home-based jobs, such as caption writing or being part of an online jury.

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Download: Stable for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Mint

Mint makes it easy to manage your finances, which can help you get out of the financial hole. Sometimes, budgets can be very stressful and we may miss out on important payments. With minutes, you no longer have to worry about it.

The Mint app tracks all your finances and works out your active subscriptions. It also shows your current total worth based on your assets, so you can see if you are living beyond your means.

Mint is also packed with other great features, such as tracking credit scores and tracking your tax returns. You also get personalized insights into your spending habits to see if you are spending too much in certain categories.

Download: Mint for iOS | Android (free, subscription available)

3. Acacia

If you are having trouble setting aside money for retirement, consider using Acorns. Acorns is an investment service that takes all your purchases to the nearest dollar. Then, that money is credited to the retirement account.

For example, if you spend $ 1.55 on coffee, the Acorns app will add $ 0.45 to your retirement account and reach $ 2.00.

While this may not seem like much, it does increase over time, giving you an important start when you are able to save more money for retirement.

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If you want a simple recurring investment, Acorns also allows you to do so.

With Acorns, your money is automatically credited to expertly selected portfolios. You can also choose to deposit your funds in the IRA.

Download: Acorns for iOS | Android (subscription required)

4. Credit Karma

Sometimes being in a better financial position means improving your credit score. Finally, a better credit score means you can get cheaper interest rates on new or existing credit cards. It also means more affordable loans and cheaper mortgage payments.

The Credit Karma app provides free tools to check your credit score without imposing strict credit checks on your account. Some other credit score checkers do this, and checking your credit further damages your credit score.

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This is not the case here. Credit Karma also provides financial advice and tells you if you have made a payment waiver.

For those who have a large amount of credit card debt, Credit Karma Consolidation also offers tips on loans. This loan is usually low interest and collects all your debts in one monthly payment.

Download: Credit Karma for iOS | Android (free)

5. Truebill

Truebill makes it easy to see which active subscriptions you have and cancels subscriptions that you no longer use. Truebill also checks to see if there are any subscriptions you’ve forgotten about and are still paying.

Truebill makes it easy to cancel subscriptions or see when the rate increases.

Truebill also has a bill negotiator, which can help you reduce your monthly bills. The biggest thing about a negotiator is that you don’t pay a penny until the price is successfully reduced. The amount you normally pay is about 40% of the amount saved, meaning you get the remaining 60% yourself.

Download: Truebill for iOS | Android (free, subscription available)

6. NerdWallet

NerdWallet, another great budgeting app, tracks your expenses and gives you insights on how to save money. NerdWallet features credit score checks, financial advice and financial planning; all for free.

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NerdWallet is known for analyzing credit cards, and the NerdWallet app will notify you of your approval difficulties before applying for a new card. After all, you can only ask so much about your credit score in a given period of time. If you check and are not approved for the card, it means that you have canceled your application.

Download: NerdWallet for iOS | Android (free)

7. Earn.

Earnin is a payday advance that lets you access your paycheck a few days in advance. If you have a bill that needs to be paid now but your salary is still a few days away, consider using Earnin.

Unlike traditional payday loans, Earnin does not charge a fee. However, customers are asked to tip when they receive their paycheck advance.

While Arnon points to tips, you don’t have to tip anything. Earnin also earns money through affiliate commissions within the app.

Earnin deposits your cash into your checking account and sends you notifications when you need to return it. This will usually be the day of your paycheck and will be the amount you have withdrawn, plus an optional tip that averages around $ 5.

Be sure to use Earnin only if you have a guaranteed check or direct deposit along the way and only if you are sure that you can pay it all when you get paid.

Download: Earn for iOS | Android (free)

Reduce your financial stress and live comfortably.

Although financial matters can be stressful at times, there are some great apps that can help ease your financial situation. Gone are the days of manually balancing checkboxes and technology has provided us with many great tools for understanding our finances.

Apps make our lives easier, so why wouldn’t we want them to help us manage our finances? By understanding our budget, improving our credit score, and saving for the future, we can feel more comfortable in the present.

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