65% of Thanksgiving hosts didn’t ask for guests to be vaccinated

Sixty-five percent of Thanksgiving hosts won’t demand that guests be vaccinated or hidden, on Thursday hillHarrisX poll revealed.

Eleven percent of hosts, however, will Requires Thanksgiving guests will be vaccinated and hidden, while 21 percent will require that only guests be vaccinated. Four percent say masks are mandatory.

Among Republicans, 78 percent would not need a mask or vaccination from their guests. Those numbers change dramatically among Democrats. 47 percent of Democrats will require masks and vaccinations for guests.

The survey also indicated that 79 percent of respondents would spend the holiday with a group of people, including family. Thirteen percent say they will spend Thanksgiving alone.

The survey comes as Dr. Anthony Fauci has asked Americans to be very careful about attending Thanksgiving celebrations with those who haven’t been vaccinated.

“Get vaccinated and you can enjoy the holidays very easily. And if you are not, please be careful,” Fauci advertiser. “Get tested if you need to get tested while getting together, but this is not a substitute for getting vaccinated. Get vaccinated and you can continue to enjoy interacting with your family and others.”

Fox and Friends Rachel Campos Duffy beat Fauci for proposing to separate families during the holiday.

“He says you need to surround yourself with vaccinated people,” she said. She said. “That means you need to divide your family, you need to break up your family… Turning families against each other, [is] Too Marxist.”

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