57% of Americans believe that voting is a fundamental right: Pew Poll

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57% of Americans believe that voting is a fundamental right: Pew Poll

  • More than half of Americans believe voting is a “fundamental right,” according to a new Pew poll.
  • The new survey comes as GOP-controlled states have enacted 30 laws that tighten access to voting.
  • The survey revealed that voting is a right or a privilege.

More than half of Americans believe voting is a “fundamental right” because state lawmakers have passed a growing number of laws tightening access to the ballot.

A Pew Research Center poll released Thursday found that 57% of Americans surveyed agreed that voting is “a fundamental right of every adult American citizen and is not restricted in any way.” While 42% believe that “voting is a privilege that comes with responsibilities. And it may be limited if adult American citizens do not meet certain requirements.”

The poll notes that voting is a right or privilege: it has a sectarian divide: Dem 78% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters believe that Republicans and Republicans support 32% of Americans. Voting in a contest is a “fundamental right.” In the poll, 67% of Republicans thought voting was a privilege compared to 21% of Democrats.

The July 8-18-18 survey surveyed 10,221 Americans with an error margin of 1.5 percentage points.

Pew survey about voting

Pew Research Center

The survey also noted that black, Hispanic and Asian respondents were more likely to say that voting was a fundamental right than white respondents. More than two-thirds of black adults say voting is a fundamental right compared to only half of those surveyed by whites.

Two-thirds of Asian respondents and five Spanish respondents also said voting was a fundamental right.

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According to a recent analysis by the Brennan Center for Justice, 18 state legislatures controlled by the GOP have enacted laws with 30 provisions by July 30 that prohibit voting until July 14. Tighten ballot drop boxes, voter identification rules, and allow officials to aggressively remove voters from voter lists in order to restore voter lists.

Several GOP-majority legislators, especially in the mail vote, have called for a new referendum after former President Donald Trump sought to curb the practice in 2020 and end his electoral losses over uncertain claims of widespread fraud. Tried to add restrictions.

Meanwhile, the 25 most democratically controlled states have enacted 54 laws that include increasing access to the vote, including early and mail voting opportunities.

Despite different legislation for access to the vote, the Pew poll also found that 95% of Democrats and Republicans agree that “those who are legally eligible and want to vote” have the right to vote. Yogurt can be used, with 82% saying it was “very important”.

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