5 things to know on Friday, November 26

Albany, New York (News 10Today the five things to know are the Troy police murder investigation, Aaron Rodger’s “COVID toe”, and a fire in Troy.

1. Trojan police investigation into a murder

The Wednesday night shooting is now being investigated as a murder.

5 displaced after the Fifth Avenue fire in Troy

2. Aaron Rodgers is in the headlines once again

Pictures of Aaron Rodgers’ foot circulated on Twitter on Wednesday talking “toe COVID.”

Aaron Rodgers shows his foot in front of the camera due to the ‘COVID toe’ controversy

3. Fifth Avenue fire a fire in Troy

A fire broke out in a fire on Fifth Avenue in Troy and crews are investigating.

5 displaced after the Fifth Avenue fire in Troy

4. How can you be warm and safe this winter

As the winter months approach, the risk of house fires increases as residents will use heating systems to heat their homes. Here’s how you can stay safe and warm during these cold months.

How to keep warm and safe this winter

5. He found a Chatham man

The District of Columbia Police Office announced that they have located a Chatham man who has been reported missing.

The District of Columbia Sheriff’s Office locates the missing person


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