5 things to eat and drink in Boston right now


Including candy-inspired cider, New Haven-style pizza, and vegan burgers.

Vegan cheeseburger at PlantPub. note

Wondering what to eat and drink in Boston this weekend? The Dish is a weekly guide to five things about the local restaurant and bar scene that are on the radar right now. Email me at [email protected] To tell me what other dishes and drinks I should check out.

Dutch Apple Crisp in High Limb
Dutch Apple Crisp in High Limb. – Courtesy of the upper limb

I’m a big candy person, so my ears definitely buzzed when I heard about High Limb’s new Freshly Baked series, which is dedicated to turning seasonal baked goods into cider. The first entry in the lineup is Dutch Apple Crisp, a drink that should tempt Mr. Autumn Men (And women) everywhere. Here’s the deal: Plymouth-based Cedri mixes cider with fall seasoning, then lactose sugar is added to give the drink a creamy texture. It’s supposed to mimic apple pie and vanilla ice cream, and if that mix doesn’t scream “time to embrace fall,” I don’t know what to tell you. Visit the South Shore dining room for a taste, or keep your eyes peeled at your local liquor store for a fall fall feast.

The newest seller to return to market lead time Mrs. Klux Deluxe, Chicken and Waffles Shared by Tim and Nancy Cushman (Oh, Hugoku, Jojo O, Bianca). And while the comfort food concept brought back some of its classics, Chef Rob Wong also added this beauty: Karaage Cheese Curry Chicken and Potato Waffle. Karaage’s crunchy chicken sits atop waffle fries, drenched in Japanese curry sauce, melted cheese, spring onions, and pickled radishes. Not that you’ll go hungry after thawing this decadent dish, but the market is also hosting a pop-up this weekend that features Salem-based Good morning fat people And Good night fatty Offers stuffed breakfast rolls and cookies.

Donut Choco Taco at Yellow Door Taqueria
Donut Choco Taco at Yellow Door Taqueria. – yellow door cap

Choco Tacos used to be my first choice of ice cream truck that parked by our public pool during the summer, so this limited-time weekend treat is a totally cool blast from the past. On Saturdays and Sundays only, pastry chef Kate Holochek lion heart earring Donut Choco Taco will be served at Yellow Door Taqueria locations in the South End and Lower Mills. Holowchik’s creation is a half-moon-shaped vanilla brioche stuffed with vanilla custard cream and dipped in peanut-chocolate ganache, then garnished with a waffle cone. You can find them during the lunch service from 11 am to 4 pm – although knowing how many people have an affinity for Choco Tacos, they are likely to sell out, so plan accordingly.

PlantPub, a new Kendall Square restaurant from chef Mary Dumont (Cultivar), opens Monday and has caused a stir among Boston’s vegetarian crowd. Serving pub food and handcrafted beer, the vegan restaurant is a far cry from the grain dishes and salads that populate many vegetarian places. Vegetarian burgers abound, such as “chicken” sandwiches, cauliflower wings, and buffalo pizza, along with plenty of local craft beer. And if you are looking for more vegetarian dishes, check this out our guide To some of the best meatless restaurants around Boston.

I wrote about Axis hall opening Earlier this week, a massive food court located in the Hub on the Causeway near TD Garden and North Station. There’s a lot going on here, with 18 vendors filling the space, but one of the most anticipated openings is Apizza, a pizza joint from MIDA chef Douglas Williams. New Haven-style pizza lovers must visit the newcomer; Here, Williams serves up slices and pies full of regional specialties, as well as Roman-style options. Varieties include Uncle Pepe with oysters, roasted garlic, oregano, and pecorino. hot mama, italian sausage, red sauce, chili and cheese; And the fun guy, with mushrooms, herbs and fontina. You can even get two chips and a soda fountain for $9 – steal when you need a quick bite before hopping on the train or going to a game.

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