5 KPI will measure the performance of push notification campaigns.

Businesses can operate more efficiently and improve the effectiveness of any marketing strategy if they can measure it.

Why should we measure the effectiveness of push notification campaigns?

Web push notifications are an effective way to engage directly with your users. To understand the impact of push notification campaigns, you need to measure performance parameters compared to push notification benchmark data for your industry.

Let’s consider, you set up the correct distribution, time, frequency, related content and much more using the free push notification service. Marketers need to know the signs that will tell you how successful your push notification campaign has been.

These KPIs will depend on the purpose of the campaign. For example, a blog website push notification campaign aims to reach more users and bring them to the website. But for an e-commerce website, the campaign aims to attract, engage and generate customers. Therefore, you need to analyze the notification campaign so that KPIs can measure the effectiveness of push notifications.

KPI push notifications will measure industry-wise success.

Push notification performance metrics are the same for every industry. But we do have some notable metrics that vary according to the functionality of the website, as described below.

E-commerce or retail websites.

  • Earnings after forwarding notifications.
  • Increase the average order value of your existing customers.
  • Increase store visits after sending push notifications with location.
  • Respond to your new product or brand.

Websites based on content and video

  • Number of page visits, video views after push notification campaign.
  • Subscriber time spent on landing page.

First of all, you need to have a favorable number of subscribers to plan effective push notification marketing campaigns. Marketers promote their products such as social media, emails, website ads, and much more to attract visitors to the website. If you can improve your opt-in strategy, users are more likely to turn on push notifications. You can see our detailed blog on how to increase the push notification opt-in rate for our website.

5KPI will measure the effectiveness of push notification campaigns.

Here we have developed 5 essential KPIs to help you track and analyze your push notification campaigns. This increases your chances of reaching more audiences.

Number of push notifications delivered.

Marketers need to keep track of the number of push notifications they receive for each campaign. This is because sometimes your reports may fail due to technical issues. For this, you need to prioritize an effective push notification tool. This ensures that your information reaches all users at the right time. Also, don’t overdo it as it may upset your users and increase the opt-out rate. Troops has analyzed real-time campaigns and has push notification frequencies for 6 industries – news and media, job portals, ad tech, e-commerce, entertainment and astronomy.

Push notification view rate.

View rate is an important metric to measure the effectiveness of your web push notifications. Marketers always try to reach a view rate of 25-50 a, which they expect the least from a push notification campaign.

View rate = Total number of views / Total number of push notifications sent.

Marketers need to improve their push times to get more views. You can analyze previous campaign data to determine push notification times. It helps to reach the audience when they are active.

Global websites should also keep an eye on geographical location. You cannot send push notifications globally at the same time. Therefore, you can schedule push notifications according to the target country’s time zone to get the maximum viewing rate.

Push notification clickthrough rate (CTR)

We’ve analyzed push notification times, which will increase the viewing rate. The next thing you need is notification clicks. Clickthrough rate (CTR) is an essential parameter to measure the success of push notifications.

CTR = Total Push Notification Clicks / Total Views.

We’ve developed 7 best ways to send push notifications to make sure all your ideas are after clicks. High push notification CTR is an indication of increasing user engagement. So, understand your audience and correct effective push notifications that encourage users to click on them.

Website traffic and conversion rate

One of the main purposes of using push notifications is to increase website traffic and website conversion rates. Therefore, any improvement in these metrics indicates low performance of push notifications.

There are different uses of web push notifications and parameters for success in every industry. For example, a blog site has advanced the “Tourist Attraction in Italy” notification to the blog “Tourist Attraction in Rome”. When a subscriber clicks the CTA button, he or she lands on a page with irrelevant information. This type of push notification can reduce practice bounce rate, opt out rate and credibility.

Opt out rate after pushing notifications.

The low opt-out rate after push notifications indicates the success of your marketing strategy. We need to check this metric after each notification as it gives users important insights on effective content, timing and impact. Let’s look at some of the reasons for the increase in push notification opt-out rate.

  1. Users receive a lot of push notifications per day.
  2. Users are not receiving relevant or personalized push notifications. You can use distribution and triggers to send personal notifications.
  3. Don’t get real information with push notifications. For example, a fashion store push notification says “20% off on all brands of shoes”. When the user clicks and observes that the discount is valid on only one brand. This kind of practice will reduce the trust on your website and will push push notifications towards opt-out rate.
  4. Users see no value in receiving notifications. Therefore, you need to forward information that benefits consumers. Here are some examples.
  • Retail websites can emphasize offers, discounts and brands.
  • Gaming websites can promote notifications on free upgrades, points collection, and more.
  • Application websites promote information on new features, lower prices and more.
  • Video based content websites about subscription offers, referral points and more.

Assign push notification performance targets.

Set a target baseline before starting a push notification campaign. Therefore, you can improve the campaign to reach these standards. You can collect and analyze data from previous campaigns for better understanding and reduce the risk of losing users.

For example, you get a 10% clickthrough rate for your previous campaign and then set a goal to increase it to 20% for your next campaign. Make sure you set achievable goals so that your team can work comfortably to reach the goals.

Analysis of the performance of push notifications provides you with interesting insights. It helps you create effective marketing campaigns.

PS- If you are making push notifications valuable and difficult, you can use Tropish, an affordable push notification tool. Users can check delivery statistics such as arrival count, views, clicks, delivery, and subscribers to each push notification campaign. In short, you will have all the necessary information in your hands to plan incoming push notifications to engage and retain customers.

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