5 Key Tools To Invest In Your Business For Fast And Sustainable Growth

Every business needs the resources it needs to grow and achieve its core goals. While employees are available to perform company-related activities, the pressure and pressure of the manual process can be overwhelming.

It then becomes necessary to automate many work processes with work tools that will increase productivity and leave less room for human error. In every business, there are some essential tools to help you grow your business faster.

These include customer relationship management tools, communication tools, project management tools, remote working tools, and employee satisfaction tools. This article discusses the various key tools that can help your business manage each of these faster and more efficiently.

We also talk about the benefits that these tools will bring to your business. Keep reading to learn more.

5 Great Tools That You Need For Your Business

Here are five key tools your business needs to invest in to enjoy rapid growth. See why they’re good for you and how you can incorporate them into your company below.

 Zonka Feedback

Customer Satisfaction is the core of any business. When running a business, knowing your customer feedback, and knowing if your customers are happy (or not) with products and services, is extremely vital. The only way to know this is to directly ask the customers. And one of the easiest ways to get customer feedback is using a Customer Feedback Tool.

Zonka Feedback, a comprehensive Customer Feedback and Experience Management Tool, enables you to take real-time customer feedback and use real-time feedback to create better customer experiences.

With Zonka Feedback, you can set up both customer and employee surveys, reach your customers wherever they are on multiple channels like email, SMS, website, and even offline using tablets. Get real-time feedback responses, set up instant email and SMS alerts, view in-depth feedback analytics and collaborate with the team to take action and close the feedback loop.

With instant feedback management and with equipping your team to reach out to miffed customers, you can easily start to transfer customer experiences and increase customer satisfaction. With Zonka Feedback, you can also set up alerts and workflows for happy customers to make them brand promoters.

Travel test

5 Key Tools To Invest In Your Business For Fast And Sustainable Growth

If your employees or board members travel frequently on behalf of the company and at its expense, you understand the need to keep a close eye on their travel arrangements.

This can be a daunting task for HR or travel managers as you are responsible for finding the best flights within the company’s budget, booking flights, tracking employee expenses and more.

Manually, many of the processes that come with travel management can be overwhelming with a lot of errors and oversight. This is where the travel management system saves the day.

there are many Examples of travel management systems To try, but TravelPerk is one of the best for many reasons. First, it provides a highly efficient travel solution for travel managers, making business trips easier for both the company and the employee.

Secondly, it has many features that make your process better than a single platform. Some of them include; An executive inventory that allows you to easily find, select and book the most suitable flights and accommodations.

It also has a cost tracking feature that gives you just one receipt at the end of the entire trip. In addition, it can handle any travel group size and integrate reports into one, so you don’t have to deal with so much paperwork.

TravelPerk saves time for your business and simplifies the travel process for your employees, so it’s a win-win situation.

Mail Champ

5 Key Tools To Invest In Your Business For Fast And Sustainable Growth

Email marketing is one of the many ways companies can communicate and manage relationships with their customers. Again, this is one of the ways they can grow their companies faster.

Email marketing helps you build, send, improve, and analyze the success of your strategic email campaigns. In addition, it helps you track the progress of your email strategy and generate new leads that can turn into sales.

That’s why you need an email marketing tool that will help you track, analyze, and spread the word about your business via email. MailChimp is one of the favorite email marketing tools for many organizations and for many reasons.

MailChimp gives you a way to engage with your customers and increase sales. You have your audience data, key insights, and different marketing channels all on one platform.

MailChimp also makes it easy for you to bring your business online with a custom domain website so your customers can quickly access you. You can sell your products on this website, make appointments and work with existing marketing tools to improve sales on this site.

Lastly, it coordinates your marketing campaigns by providing the right channel to promote emails, social media ads, landing pages from one place. This helps automate marketing campaigns, reach the right audience and create better content.


5 Key Tools To Invest In Your Business For Fast And Sustainable Growth

Slack is another online collaboration tool that many companies use to communicate. Slack has proven to be a reliable resource for fast and timely distribution of company wide or departmental information for onsite and remote teams.

In addition to such a large distribution of data, Slack also works great for one-to-one employee communication. It provides a variety of channels that can be used by the organization in general and more private spaces for discussion by smaller teams or co-workers.

Slack integrates seamlessly with many other apps and websites, including project management tools, emails, calendars, cloud storage platforms, and much more where your employees are likely to work.

With its latest feature, Slack Connect, organizations can collaborate with other companies or freelancers on Slack. It helps save time on different communication channels when you can work with the same workspace in real time.


5 Key Tools To Invest In Your Business For Fast And Sustainable Growth

Seamless project management is a challenge that many companies face, especially when there is no opportunity to accurately track the progress of the project. As a result, you find many examples of missing details, zero productivity, delayed responses, clutter, and many other glitches.

That’s why you need a project management tool that helps keep every project stakeholder in the loop. Trello is a tool that helps you move your project forward and transparent, fast enough.

With Trello, it becomes easier to find out who is responsible for what and who is working on what in a project. You can keep track of project deadlines, so there’s no shortage of deadlines. This tool makes it easy for project managers to assign tasks to different team members.

All of these collaborative features work together to provide a seamless project organization and improved productivity of the team. The work gets done quickly, and you can hold someone accountable if there is an error or failure to complete the assigned tasks.

How can these tools help?

5 Key Tools To Invest In Your Business For Fast And Sustainable Growth

Before investing in any of these tools, it is important to understand the benefits to your company so that you can see how to maximize the resources they offer. Here’s how these tools can help you:

Better productivity

Working with tools like the above helps improve employee productivity. Employees’ happiness and ability to automate repetitive work processes help make work more manageable and more enjoyable.

When employees enjoy their work, they feel better motivated to do it. Also, providing these tools to your employees shows that you care about making their work easier, increasing their productivity.

Better communication

Tools like Slack and Trelo help improve communication in the workplace, leaving no room for miscalculations and misconceptions. It keeps team members up-to-date with the latest updates on projects, helping to eliminate unnecessary mistakes that can be made due to lack of knowledge.

With communications and project management tools, unlike team email communications, communication becomes easier, more timely, and faster.

Increase engagement

The tools above help provide relevant information about tasks and projects, connecting each team member or project participants to their duties and responsibilities.

With everyone talking about what needs to be done and when, you will always see team members working to ensure the progress and completion of a project or task.

Employee satisfaction and retention

The right job tools help to improve employee satisfaction at work, which in turn leads to employee loyalty and retention. In addition, when management demonstrates that it cares about the well-being of its employees through employee support programs, they are less likely to leave.

Therefore, keeping your employees satisfied reduces employee turnover, which means a significant reduction in the cost of hiring new employees.


Here are some key pointers in moving your business forward. In addition to consistency and hiring the best employees, the tools you provide employees to get their work done are also counted.

We’ve listed five major tools that every business needs to take advantage of in order to provide employees with a more enjoyable work experience and to improve the work process over and over again. We’ve outlined the benefits to your business.

Get these tools and enjoy the smooth progress.

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