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5 Holiday Internet Marketing Tips to Get Started Now

It happens every year – the holidays are hidden from us.

Whether you’re rushing to find the right gift for someone or rushing to make sure the perfect products you sell end up in front of buyers, you need to make the most of your available time. Need

So, if you haven’t started your purchase yet, get started.

And if you haven’t already deployed your vacation marketing strategies, it’s time to prioritize and work.

After all, the holidays basically start on November 26th. This means that until then you need to implement your strategies so that you can focus on fulfilling orders, to test.

The limits of SEO

January is the time to start planning big keyword strategies for the holidays this year.

SEO takes time. If you need to build backlinks and create content to secure rankings, now is the time to start planning and strategizing for SEO for the 2022 season.


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This does not mean that all hopes have been dashed.

There are strategies (including organic) that can help you get the most out of this year, with just weeks left until the start of the holidays.

Here are five top tips to help you get the most out of the 2021 holiday season.

Holiday Marketing Strategies 1: Offers

This is a gift from Google to business owners who are active with their Google My Business listings. Brody Clark was the first to notice a change in local search results, including presentations in map results.

There are many great reasons to include offer posts in Google My Business but until this change, many benefits revolve around branded queries.

Now, posts will trigger additional information as a result of your map, which is especially important for local SEO.


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This is likely to help offer rankings by increasing relevance to terms as well as improving clickthrough rates.

This feature was recently deployed, and so it is likely that many of your competitors have not yet caught it.

I can suggest setting start dates around Black Friday, so it hasn’t already been activated – there’s no need to get your hands on this strategy right now.

To sort them, just go to Google My Business, create a post, and select:

Google My Business, screenshot from October 2021

And make your offer.

Holiday Marketing Strategy 2: Redesign Your Pages

If you offer Black Friday or other holiday sales, make the page everlasting.

By that I mean if you have a regular holiday sale, you always want to host the current one at the same URL as the previous one.

There are a few different ways to handle this, depending on how many vacations you need to host landing pages for.

You can host all sales at the same URL (ex – domain.com/sales/), different sales as different URLs (ex – domain.com/black-friday/), etc.

To get an idea of ​​the simplest benefits, check out Amazon’s Black Friday page:

Letters for Amazon Black FridayScreen shot from October 2021

They host it every year at the same URL and now take advantage of it. When their next sale starts, they will have a strong and relevant page.


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As mentioned above, you can have one page for each holiday or just one page that focuses on the dominant for your business.

If you want to keep your past offers online for any reason, you can easily move them to a new subpage.

For example, if you were Amazon, you might host last year:


Holiday Marketing Strategy 3: Focus on the features of the SERP.

There may be questions that you want but can’t. Questions far beyond your weight class (start time for 2022, right?)

For some of these questions, it’s best to focus on the SERP features and think outside the box.

For example, a “Code Vanguard” rating will put you in competition with game developers, and a “by-code Vanguard” rating will put you against sites such as Microsoft and PlayStation.

If you can beat sites like Best Buy, you can fix it with local results.


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Or, you can target less focused areas of search results.

Such as:

COD Vanguard SERPSearch screenshot [cod vanguard]October 2021

Each of the red boxes represents an opportunity.

Make videos. Focus on Twitter and Google News. Each question is different.

Think about how people are improving their questions and targeting them.

If you are focusing on an area like the example above, think about who your audience is and build what they want.

For example, it’s the holidays and a lot of videos about this game are just trailers and playthroughs.


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This is fine for now but with the end of November and December coming, it will be the parents who want to buy the game as a gift. A video that focuses on ratings can be a better focus with examples of how it was achieved and for whom it is appropriate.

After all, you are not trying to win the person who wants the gift – they already want it.

You are trying to provide content and context for the giver.

Additional tip: For a scenario like this where you are really telling the person that he does not want to give the game to his 8 year old child, you will want to create a page on your site to guide them. This is where you can review some of the popular games by this standard and offer them suggestions, as well as provide a link to the page where they can buy the game.

Holiday Marketing Strategies 4: Trends

As we noted with the added functionality of the offer above, it looks like Google is developing some handy tools for marketers this holiday season.


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Another new feature adopts a tactic I’ve talked about before – focusing on terms that have a holiday trend – and makes it even easier.

Until recently, you had to look at your keyword data to extract this information:

Google's Word Planner Trends 2020Google Keyword Planner Trends, screenshot from October 2021

While you may still want to do this, Google is now showing people how individual queries have been trending over the last 3 months:

Google's Word Planner Trends 2021Google Keyword Planner Trends, screenshot from October 2021

You can still look back, and I suggest using Google Trends, but it’s great to be able to see what’s happening right now.


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Holiday Marketing Strategies 5: Advertising

Budgets can be tough, but it really costs money to make money.

When people think of Google ads or Microsoft advertising, they usually think of search ads, which can be expensive.

If you’re on a budget, there’s still room for you in advertising through the Display Network. Namely: re-marketing.

There are two angles you can take on it (and I recommend both, if you can handle it).

The first is simple re-marketing. You place your ads in front of people who visit your site.

Even better, focus your ads on the part of the site they’ve been to (I mean, I was looking for a COD Vanguard, not a new dishwasher, Walmart!).

It’s low cost and a great way to get your holiday messages out to people who visit your site.

Get started now so you can build your audience.

Furthermore, in my opinion, the customer list is one of the anonymous heroes of re-marketing. Upload your customer lists to Google and re-market them. You can also increase this listing by re-marketing with people who are similar to your listings / audience.


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Use it in conjunction with your email campaigns to ensure that your holiday message reaches your audience at multiple touch points.

Like traditional retargeting, it’s usually quite affordable because you’re getting your vacation offer in front of people you already know.

Happy holidays

The information above is intended to be used in conjunction with other strategies that you hope to be employed and read in the Search Engine Journal here.

It’s time to dump her and move on.

And remember, as soon as the holidays are over, it’s time to start planning for 2022.

After all, every strategy is enhanced by the success of others. You’ll learn more and gain momentum to get bigger terms and work with a larger audience.

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