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5 Custom Reporting Features You Need for LearnDash

LearnDash is the most widely used learning management system (LMS) out there. It is packed with features that make it easy for your course to reach learners. After all, it works with all WordPress themes and has a lot of integration available.

LearnDash features are primarily designed to help you offer your carefully crafted courses in clean packages. But what happens when you want to get more involved in the learner’s course cycle? You may want to track students’ progress, or you may want to create reports that tell you how they are performing in your course. This is where custom reporting features come into play.

Why custom reporting features?

Custom reporting features for LearnDash allow you to measure the effectiveness of your course in multiple ways. These features save you time and will give you insights on how to improve your course. For example, if you see a high dropout rate after a particular module, it may be possible to add some extra help before the module starts. If you want to see which quiz is more difficult than the others, you can check the Quiz Reporting Dashboard to see the overall score and performance.

These data-driven insights are very helpful when deciding on adding more course material, changing existing content, and even flagging students who need more help. Features help you to easily identify the highest levels of difficulty and bring your course to its full potential.

Now, let’s take a look at what these features are and how you can get them on your website built with LearnDash.

Popular customization features

Custom Quiz Reports

If you want to know how students and learners are performing on quizzes, custom quiz reports are your specialty. It will tell you how the group and individual performance in any quiz is. It will also allow you to break quiz scores by queries, categories and groups. This is great if you want to see if students are having difficulty with a particular module included in the quiz.

It will also generate reports that will give you a detailed look at the quiz metrics such as number of attempts for any quiz, average score, time spent in the quiz, ratio of correct, incorrect and unanswered questions. Basically, this feature will tell you everything you need to know about quiz performance.

Keep track of user progress and activity

This custom feature allows you to view individual reports for learners. If you want to see how much time they spent in the course, or how long they watched the video, this feature is perfect. You can keep track of how many courses a particular user has completed, which pages they interact with most, what progress they’ve made, and their entire activity on your portal.

Knowing how long a person watches a video before logging off will help you understand what the average duration of attention is, and how much time people typically have to spend on a course at a time. This way you can split long videos into smaller, easier to use sections that really benefit the user. Learner performance reports are a great way to understand your user base and tailor your course accordingly.

Reports for group leaders

If this is more than the individual report you want, then group reports are also a possibility. Collecting the matrix of a group of learners is great for project based learning where different groups make different efforts to complete a project.

This is especially useful for tutors who want to see if there is an equal participation of learners in a group project or if it is one or two people who are mostly working. Rating is more effective for group learners with the help of reports.

Learner’s performance reports

Allow your students to see their own progress through learning performance reports. This is very encouraging for students who want to track their progress in all their courses and understand the measure of their performance.

This feature helps them stay on track and reach tutors or course providers in a timely manner if they have any questions or problems with the course.

Admin friendly dashboards

Raw data rarely conveys any information, which is why an excellent visual and intuitive format for displaying results is an ideal solution. Admin-friendly dashboards are important to look for that provide you with information in easy-to-understand graphs and with an intuitive UI design so that the course provider doesn’t try to find the right button.

These dashboards should also allow you to export data so that you can keep old records in hand. With an intuitive UI and exporting features, it’s easy to track progress as well as refine your course.

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Now, many reporting plugins for LearnDash are too basic and do not offer in-depth insights into student development. In fact, I can only recommend one plugin that has all these reports in one package. Quiz reporting for LearnDash Offered by WisdmLabs. LearnDash recommends the latest reporting features and adds tremendously to your courses.

Advanced Reports – The Way Forward

Advanced reports are required to monitor student performance because LearnDash does not come built-in with student tracking. Access to intuitive reports and performance metrics is a great way to keep your students engaged and satisfied with the course.

Sometimes students need help to succeed, and course providers can enable them to do so with the help of data-driven decisions and meaningful metrics. Custom reporting features for LearnDash is a great way to help you reach the full potential of your course with your students. Include the art of full and detailed reports on your LearnDash website with the LearnDash quiz reporting plugin.

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