5 Best Black Friday iPhone Deals of 2021

Ring. This is your old iPhone calling and it needs to be upgraded.

If you’re playing with an old iPhone with scratches and scratches or the team was Android and wanted a change of pace, look no further than Black Friday to get your hands on a new Apple phone.

The most recent launch was the iPhone 13, which debuted in October and brought joy to Apple lovers everywhere. However, many people are still far behind, looking for iPhone 11, 12 or other models that suit their needs.

If this is you, you are in luck. Instead of waiting for the day after Thanksgiving to get your hands on a new iPhone, we’ve spotted some early deals on the iconic device so you don’t have to. Just scroll down to purchase our search from Amazon, Walmart and more, including refurbished models for an even better discount.

iPhone XR, 249 (Originally 299)

A black iPhone

Save up to 50 on iPhone XR when you shop at Walmart with its Street Talk plans. The 64GB prepaid smartphone is now 249 and comes in black, as long as the supply continues.

An iPhone 12 mini

Get this mini phone for a small price, as it is now only $ 299 with Wal-Mart Street Talk Plan. The iPhone 12 Mini is perfect for small pockets and spaces, coming in a range of colors until the last minute of supply.

Network for iPhone SE

If the prepaid phone is exactly what you’re looking for, this is it. The Walmart Family Mobile iPhone SE comes with 64GB of storage and comes in red and black and white until the last minute of supply.

Amazon, prices vary.

Picture of iPhone with iOS 14 software
Getty Images

Amazon is offering a range of iPhones, which are now on sale for early Black Friday deals. They have most Macs and models, including the Phone XR, 12 and older models such as the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. You may have to wait for a deal on the brand new 13, but keep checking back for more information.

A white iPhone 12
Game stop

GameStop removes all stops when it comes to Black Friday sales, marking their refurbished iPhones, including recent models such as the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, i. Phone 11 Pro and more.

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