5 Best Baby Bottles in 2021

Choosing the best bottle to breastfeed your baby can be very difficult. There are many types of bottles, and the truth is that sometimes you have to try more than one before finding the right baby bottle for your baby.

Different children have different needs. For example, a strictly bottle-fed baby may prefer a specific nipple design, while a primarily breastfed baby may need long nipples or a wide mouth. Or you may have a baby boy, a baby boy, or some other situation that can guarantee special features.

Apparently two children with similar needs also have different preferences for the bottle. It can take some trial and error, and it is perfectly normal.

As a parent, you can’t have a problem with plastic bottles, or you just need a glass or non-plastic silicone bottle. Some bottles are easier to wash and / or clean than others. The CDC recommends that children under 3 months of age, prematurely born, or with a weakened immune system take additional protective precautions.

Ultimately, you need to find a baby bottle that works best for you and your family’s needs, so I’ve tried all sorts of bottles to help narrow down your search.

What makes me an expert in choosing the best baby bottles for caregivers to use for their babies? Well, for one, I’ve used almost all different types of feeding bottles feeding with my five babies, including strict breastfeeding babies who needed the bottle when I wasn’t present, especially one Bottle-fed infant, a mixture of formula and breast milk, and a premature infant with very different needs. I am also a registered nurse who worked in maternity for many years, where I bottle fed many children.

To help you find the perfect baby bottle, I collected this guide with my baby by checking all the bottles from newborn to 8 months old. During this time, my daughter was primarily bottle-fed, although we also tried breastfeeding. I tested bottles for specific purposes, such as for infants and formula feeding.

Here are the best baby bottles for 2021.

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