40+ Best Space Fonts (Free & Pro) 2021

Are you looking for space-themed fonts to incorporate the future and sci-fi vibe into your designs? Then this collection of space fonts is the perfect place to start!

Space fonts meet a popular trend that is engulfing the world of design, especially in website headers, social media, posters and print design.

In this collection, we have chosen the best place and sci-fi fonts to meet all your design needs.

They’re perfect for any design you want to make for the future, whether it’s a sleek and modern look, or a complete sci-fi!

3 Tips for Choosing Space Fonts

Space fonts have their own unique style that makes them different from others. Here are some tips to help you find the right space font for your design.

1. Different styles of space fonts.

Space fonts come in a variety of design styles. With the design of the future, there are unique fonts used by NASA, as well as fonts that pay homage to past events like Apollo 11.

Whether you’re working on a movie poster or a tech event flyer, you should look for a space font that compliments your overall design. For example, if you are using a modern vintage design theme for your poster, you can use space fonts with retro design.

2. Find the right font pair.

You will use two different fonts for your titles and body text. It’s best to use space fonts for headings and different fonts for paragraphs and subheadings. But, keep in mind to choose a font that blends well with the other.

3. Focus on improving reading ability.

Space fonts usually have clean designs that improve readability. However, there are some types of space fonts that will make your titles more difficult to read. Unless you are designing a creative logo or badge, you should try to avoid using such fonts in your design.

Top pick

Voyager Modern Space Font.

Voyager is one of the most creative space fonts on our list. It features a design that combines both modern and retro elements to pay homage to Voyager 1.

The Sans Serif font includes alternate characters, multilingual support and more. This is great for making tech related logos, business cards and posters.

Why is this a top pick?

Beautiful modern vintage design makes this font a perfect choice for all kinds of space themed designs. The font also lets you choose from 2 different weights.

Space font

Say hello to the Eternals, a bold and powerful typeface that flows with the lure of future space technology. Whether you need a font style for your upcoming space themed game, movie, or music video, Eternals is worth checking out.

Space font

Like a modern and futuristic font with unique and small phone? Spaced is a breath-only typeface that will add extra pizza to your design without compromising readability. It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters that you can combine to suit your needs, with tons of golf, special alternatives and ligatures.

Space font

From posters, and magazines to movie titles, and YouTube courses, Space Nomad is an impressive choice for science projects. If you want to get your hands on a cool, futuristic font, this is where you need to go.

Space font

When it comes to the best free space themed fonts, Quantum League tops the list. A great choice for sci-fi and future design, Quantum will definitely take your logo, headlines and other brand recognition projects to a whole new level.

If you’re looking for something really cool, take a leap of faith in your bang, a geometric space font that’s perfect for posters, logos and advanced article headlines. The font reflects both modern technology and the style of the future.

StarGuard is a great space font with a retro futuristic design. The font also comes with letters that include both sharp and rounded corners. The bold design makes this font perfect for everything from website design to movie posters, flyers, T-shirt designs and more.

Want contemporary space fonts with a taste of the future? Check out this space salute font that is hard to pass. A font that can be used for virtually any purpose under the sun, thanks to its versatile design aesthetics.

Astron - Free sci-fi space font.

Astron is a completely free space font that you can use with both your personal and business plans. The font includes 3 different weights as well as numbers and codes.

If you are looking for something interesting then you should definitely look for A Aerospace, a modern, professional display font with a range of options and a unique look that you should not miss. will have.

Featuring luxurious lines and unique alternate characters, Exodus is a space font that will give you a lot of creative freedom in your hands. The best part? You can get these wonderful fonts without spending a penny.

Create something completely magical with Space Surfer, a bold, modern display font that can be easily customized to your liking. It’s available for free download and is great for both print and digital artwork.

Century is an all-cap font for minimalist experts. It has a permanent design with wide spacing letters and it also comes with alternate letters and numbers. This font can be used to create attractive covers for sci-fi novels and large posters.

Young Moon creative space font.

This beautiful space font is perfect for you if you are working on a creative design or a kid friendly design. It features a stylish handmade creative style that will add a unique personal touch to your designs.

Spacewell - Space Font Family.

Spacewell is a family of fonts with a stylish space themed design. The font also comes in 3 different styles, including inline, shadow and clean. It also includes multilingual support.

MADE Evolve Sans - Free Space Font

Made Evilo is a stylish and futuristic font with space design. This font is available in several font weights and styles. It’s free to use with your personal plans.

Try - Free high tech space fonts.

Effort is another modern font that features the design of the future. This font is suitable for technology and creative projects. The free version is only available for personal plans.

Derelict is a font that will remind you of space missions and future movies. The font comes in a neat and clean design for use with various designs such as logos, social media posts and posters. It also includes a web font version.

Space font

Designed by Alejandro Bergman, Putra is an all-cap display font that will add decorative decor to your space-themed projects. It works on both Mac and PC and can be used for free for both personal and business plans. How amazing is that now?

This is a 2-in-1 bundle that comes with two different fonts, script font and breath font, featuring the same design. The font has a retro design with a space vibe, which makes it ideal for designing posters, T-shirt designs, greeting cards and banners.

No need to travel to distant galaxies to find a good space font, this font comes with a familiar design that will instantly fall in love with all sci-fi movie fans. Inspired by Star Wars movies, this font has the same features that look and feel the same 80’s space to add a retro effect to your design projects.

At first glance, this font will give you space horror vibes like alien movies. Helios is an all-cap font that includes both round and plain corner designs with alternate characters. It also comes with a web font version.

LaRunos is a space font with a classic design that you often see in space-themed movies from the early 70’s. It includes both upper and lower case letters and 21 alternate letters and 25 golf letters.

Afesto - Free minimal space font.

Efesto is a minimal space font. It has a subtle space horror style design that makes it a great choice for designing both movie posters and other technology-based designs.

Primal is a sci-fi horror themed font with a bold and elaborate letter design. Great for designing modern logos, signs, business cards and posters. The font also includes multilingual characters and alternative versions of some of its characters.

It is an experimental typeface with bold and unusual decorative design. The unique design of the characters makes this font definitely one of a kind. Ideal for creating poster or website headers.

Bastille is a futuristic font with blade runner-inspired designs. It comes in both regular and Italian styles. The font is suitable for designing movie posters, book covers, logos, T-shirt designs and much more.

DreamScape is a great font with a unique design, perfect for all kinds of designs for everything from website headers to music album covers, quotes, banners, and more. The font also comes in two styles.

It’s a font that comes with a design that’s really out of this world. This will definitely make your text look like it was written in a strange foreign language. Achieve is a font that guarantees a unique look to your design.

Location - Free geometric font.

This spaces font has a unique geometric based design. It also includes all caps letters and numbers. It’s completely free to use with your personal and business plans.

Kidspace - Free playful space font.

If you are working on a design for kids, this free font will help you incorporate sportsmanship and creativity into your design. The font is free to use with personal plans.

Light City - Free modern space font.

Light City is a modern font with a simple and clean design. It is ideal for both professional and creative projects.

Freeline is a modern monogrammed font with a space themed design. You can use it with a variety of design projects, from logo design to website headers, banners, print designs, and more. It also includes a web font version.

LineTech is a web font that comes with future designs. It comes in three different versions: Bold, Regular and Light. This font is perfect for creating a website call to action with a unique caption.

Cosmodrome is a space themed script font that includes a web font version. The handwritten style design makes it ideal for designing signature logos and T-shirt designs.

The Astronova font comes with a modern and a space-themed design that gives retro vibe. It is available in both regular and Italian styles. It can be used to design retro themed album covers, posters, flyers and logos.

A modern all-cap font for designing logos, signs, blog headers, and social media posts. Azidhor comes with 24 alternate characters and 40 glyphs. As a bonus, Font Pack 9 also comes with a pre-designed logo vector.

This attractive font has a futuristic theme design which makes it perfect for designing luxury brands and advanced products. According to its designer, the font is best used with designs based on silver or gold foil. The font pack also comes with 15 free stock images to use with your design.

Nemesis is a futuristic font that comes with an unusual design. It’s best to use it with your poster and banner designs to get more attention. The font comes in 4 different styles: regular, regular grunge, inline and inline grunge.

Luna is a serif font that you can use to design posters, website headers, greeting cards and social media posts. The font supports both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Autorch is a modern breath-taking font with a design that gives a sense of emptiness. The font is full of alternate characters, symbols, statistics, symbols and much more. This is perfect for creating a unique brand identity for a modern company.

Vision is a geometric display san font with a unique and futuristic design. It comes in both regular and bold. Font logo is perfect for design, website header and branding work.

Exodar - Futuristic Space Font

Exodar is a creative outline font that also comes with a space design. The font supports both uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and punctuation.

For more awesome fonts, be sure to browse our poster fonts and handwritten font collections as well.

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