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4 students, 1 mother caught after more fights break out at Lawrence High School


After a chaotic scene, the five accused of disorderly conduct.

Gina O’Toole, organizer of AFT Massachusetts fills a sign in front of Lawrence High School where teachers and staff, Lawrence Mayor Kendrys Vasquez, and concerned community members outside Lawrence High School rallied and organized a “visit” shortly before the morning bell to address student violence at Lawrence High School that they say is It often extends to faculty and staff. (Jessica Rinaldi / Globe Staff)

The fights continued Wednesday at Lawrence High School, and ended with the arrest of four students and a mother.

A fight broke out just after class on Wednesday, started outside the school and moved down the street to nearby Sullivan Park, NBC10 Boston reported. There was already a heavy police presence at the school, given the recent fights, but the state police were also called in to help.

Police said a mother was arrested for allegedly interfering with the arrest of her son, who was involved in the fight. according to Eagle TribuneAll five were charged with disorderly conduct.

One parent told NBC10 that dozens were involved, and her son was injured while trying to escape.

This is the latest in a string of fights that have also resulted in staff injuries: Six fights broke out last Tuesday and a class brawl last Wednesday resulted in three students being arrested. Additional police were assigned to the school, and a student reported that the girl had a “leg” during one of the fights.

The fights sparked protests and calls for change, including the supervisor’s resignation. During a rally Monday night, Lawrence Teachers Union President Kim Barry said the “crisis” at Lawrence High School “did not happen overnight,” and blamed “mismanagement in guarding the state from top to bottom” for ignoring students and disrespecting students. teachers, and not providing the necessary resources, Boston Globe mentioned.

“We did not expect the intensity of the level of emotional responses our students are going through,” Superintendent Cynthia Paris said last Wednesday. According to WCVB, to draw attention to the impact of COVID-19. “Kids left middle school and showed up in high school with very different requirements and expectations, and very little preparedness for that.”

It’s about state guarding the area, Mayor Kendrys Vasquez said, and called for district decisions to be returned to local lawmakers. On Monday, the school committee voted to ask the state to end the 10-year receivership.

“It’s beyond COVID,” he told WCVB Tuesday. “It is about the structural changes necessary to ensure that we provide the best quality education and a safe environment for our students and teachers.”

On Tuesday, state Education Commissioner Jeffrey Riley did not indicate that he would relinquish state control of the area.

He said during a meeting of the state board of primary and secondary education, according to Globe.

NBC10 reports that the district is considering a number of long-term measures, including student counseling, school uniforms, and an identity verification system. on Monday, Governor Charlie Baker told WCVB The state will support the area, but mental health support is hard to find.

“It’s something, of course, that we want to work with Lawrence to work through and address…but the big challenge that we’re all facing in mental health right now — in mental health services, in general, and children’s mental health services in particular — is the human challenge,” Baker said. .