4 shots fired in two separate incidents in the city center

CHICAGO – Police are investigating two shootings that occurred within minutes of each other in the city center that led to the hospitalization of four people.

At about 2:20 a.m. Thursday, the Chicago Fire Department said they were called to the intersection of DuSable Lake Shore Drive and Balbo Drive.

They transported a 20-year-old man to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in serious condition.

WGN cameras captured police placing two men in a police car without restraints.

The vehicle in question was a Nissan Versa with two bullet holes in the license plate.

A few minutes before that, another shooting took place near Orleans and Walton Streets. The shots may have been fired from a Red Dodge Charger.

Police said two 15-year-old boys were standing on a sidewalk when they were hit in the leg and foot. Both teens were taken to Lowry Children’s Hospital in reasonable condition

A 38-year-old co-driver was shot in the hand while waiting to pick up passengers. He was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in reasonable condition.

A witness said he heard gunshots in bed. He said he saw that the driver was hit from his balcony above the scene of the accident.

Police are still investigating the two shootings and have not said if they were connected.

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