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4 Best Plant Care Apps

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If you have started collecting houseplants this year, you are not alone. And while it’s easy to buy plants (and watch them lovingly from your sofa), it can be difficult to take proper care of them if you don’t have a green thumb. If you are not sure about keeping your plants alive, let these informational apps help you.

Most of these apps offer general plant care instructions, while some focus more on things. Some are better at identifying plant types, and others help you find out why your plant is dying and how to deal with the situation. For most people, the best plant care apps are the ones that take a general approach, while those that are more focused will be better suited to the necessary answers to a particular problem.

Each plant needs unique care for its own water, sunlight, and amount of fertilizer. Everyone will also suffer from different types of problems. And if you do not live near a plant nursery, these apps will help you not only keep your plants happy, but also flourish. What a wonderful parent you are!

Updated, 9/14/21: Content checked for accuracy. Updated iOS link for Planta.

Best Plant Care App Overall: Planta.

Plant app with plant care tips.

Planta (free, with in-app purchases) is a solid choice for all plant care tips. It offers everything from plant recommendations based on your skill level to watering care reminders for your plants. It even has a built-in plant journal tool that allows you to monitor the growth of your plants (including photos) and your green thumb. The only real downside to Planta is that it’s only available for iOS – we’d love to see it on Android as well.

The app offers step-by-step guides for caring for your plants and even integrated reminders for watering, decontaminating, fertilizing, cleaning and replanting your plants. All of these tools make it easy to own and care for a variety of plants. And if you want to increase your plant collection, you can get recommendations based on room types and lighting conditions.

Planta also has a simple plant identification tool. Just take a picture of the plant in the app, and it will tell you what kind it is and what you need to do to take care of it. This feature is perfect for identifying any houseplants you already have, as well as identifying any beautiful plants that you see moving comfortably.

To take advantage of some of the features in the app, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid subscription plan. The monthly subscription runs $ 7.99, while the three-month option is $ 17.99, and the one-year plan is $ 45.99. Premium features include photo identification of plants, care scheduling beyond water reminders, light meters and plant recommendations.

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Great for sick plants: photo

This app for identifying and caring for sick plants.
This is the picture

With PictureThis (free, with in-app purchases), you can quickly identify plants and see if they are toxic to humans, animals, or both. The app has a wide range of resources at your fingertips to find out if a plant is sick, how sick it is, and what are the options for restoring its former glory. Even if you need serious help with a plant, it has the option of connecting you to a professional botanical team.

PictureThis is available for both iOS and Android devices and has a community of over 30 million users to help you learn about all kinds of flowers, trees, succulents and other types of plants. The AP can identify more than 10,000 species of plants with 98% accuracy, thanks to its AI-powered engine (and regular input from plant experts and specialists).

The app has a great collection of plant care tips, and you can enable watering reminders so you never forget to water your plants again. Its clean, simple interface is easy enough for anyone to use, and the app’s strong community allows you to connect with other plant lovers around the world. You can even take pictures of all your plants and put them on your profile, and browse plant collections from other global users.

Upgrading to a premium plan unlocks all of the app’s features, such as unlimited plant identification and personal advice for horticultural experts. Premium plans start at 99 2.99 per week.

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For those who know the basics but can still use some help: Vera.

Vera app for experienced plant owners.

Vera (free) has an extensive library of plant care guides aimed at new plant parents and veterans. It has tips for everything – from replanting Monsters to dealing with unwanted insects – and it uses simple language to keep things easy to read and understand.

The beautiful app is full of helpful resources to take care of each of your plants. Its scheduling tool lets you enter each plant and receive the required time (and reminder) of water for each. You can also create a profile with the name of each of your plants, date of birth / adoption, and photos of your plants.

Vera offers you to log a plant care activity and document each plant’s journey with them, from their first sprouted photos showing how beautiful the morning light looks on them. Is. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, so everyone can reap the benefits here.

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Information for days: Opening.

Bloom app full of plant information and care tips.

If you are trying to make plants your whole life, you need Blossom (free, with in-app purchases). The app contains an impressive amount of plant information, ranging from individual plant details to extensive and colorful photo galleries, such as “8 Color Indoor Plants for the Bedroom” and “The Best Indoor Plants for Clean Air.” It’s also a great source of plant inspiration!

Bloom can accurately identify more than 10,000 plants, succulents, flowers and trees, and can provide all kinds of details, features and plant care tips for each. It lets you enter your personal plant repository and receive push notification reminders to take care of each one. This app is only available for iOS users

All of these features are available for free, but in limited quantities. You can unlock unlimited usage with a premium subscription, however, starting at 6.99 per month.

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