33 PPP loans linked to Denver address.

9 Want to know a large amount of Colorado-based PPP data is extracted from the SBA database which shows which business received the loan, amount and approval dates. Databases are public records.

Within this leaked data, a sample emerged showing 33 businesses that 9101 E. Kenyon Ave. , Tied to a single Denver office suite on Suite 3600.

One of these institutions is the K-9 Star Academy, a dog training business that was dissolved in 2001, according to records from the Colorado Secretary’s Office.

“Until you reached me, I had no clue what was going on,” said Sail Chapman, who ran and eventually shut down the K-9 Star Academy.

Documents show that Gregory J. Fook revived Chapman’s old business in July 2020 through the Colorado Secretary’s Office and renamed it Star Power Systems. Eleven days later, the company approved a loan of 74,375, according to SBA figures.

“I hope anyone who does that will be caught,” Chapman said.

Nine days after Gregory J. Locke, a non-profit bronze casting company called All-Star Casts also obtained a PPP loan of 74 74,375 and revived the business on paper, renaming it the Colorado Hardscape System.

“I want people to use their intelligence only for the good of human beings,” said Chris Tucker, owner of All Star Cast.

Neither Chapman nor Tucker recognized Gregory J. Lok’s name.

According to SBA data, 9101 E. Kenyon Ave. , 33 non-existent entities connected to Suite 3600 have been identified, three people work in each business.

The total amount approved for all businesses is 2,359,995.

“I’ve seen it as before when companies were opening up for no apparent, authoritative, legitimate reason,” Henderson said of the findings. ”

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