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30+ Best Newborn Lightroom Presets for Baby Photography

Every parent wants to take beautiful pictures of their newborn baby so that they can become precious memories. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make these images professional with just one click? Exactly what you can do with these newborn and baby lightroom presets.

The pictures you take with your digital camera or your iPhone don’t always look so professional. But you don’t need to hire a professional photographer to take beautiful pictures of your newborn baby. Using this collection of lightroom presets, you can make your photos more cute than ever with just a few simple clicks.

In this collection, we are sharing a set of lightroom presets that are specifically designed to enhance children’s photos. With the help of these presets, you will be able to capture every charming moment of your newborn like a professional photographer.

We’ve also put together a collection of tips for editing children’s photos, so you can find some helpful tips and tricks.

2 million + lightroom presets, add-ons, actions + more.

Download hundreds of lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, and thousands of design assets with Envato Elements subscriptions. It starts at $ 16 per month, and gives you unlimited access to a growing library of over 2,000,000 presets, addons, templates, fonts, photos, graphics and more.

Discover lightroom presets.

This is a bundle of lightroom presets that come with 20 different presets to enhance your newborn photos and apply stylish effects. These include enhancing portrait baby photos, adjusting the eyes, adding soft skin, soft warm effects, converting to B&W and much more.

Another large pack of 30 unique lightroom presets designed specifically for children’s photography. This bundle includes many different effects and photo enhancement sets to make the right adjustments to your newborn photos and add stunning visual effects to make the photos more beautiful. Presets are also non-destructive.

The effect of pastel colors is a popular trend in most newborn and wedding photography. This pack contains 22 color grading lightroom presets for applying edible color effects to your own children’s photos to give them a unique look. The presets are fully customizable so you can easily adjust the settings and tone according to your preferences.

Newborn mobile and desktop lightroom presets.

This collection of lightroom presets is designed just for both professional photographers and beginners so they can easily process newborn photos through the preset. The bundle includes 11 presets that are compatible with mobile and desktop versions of Lightroom. It also includes Photoshop actions.

Free Newborn Baby Lightroom Preset

A free lightroom set to easily enhance your child’s photography. The preset is designed to clear the complexion and smooth the skin. The website also includes a tutorial video for beginners.

Babies grow up very fast and those precious moments of their first experiences will never come again. This is a pack of professionally designed lightroom presets with 30 different presets that are suitable not only for enhancing children’s photos but also for enhancing children’s photos and enhancing your family photos. Are

Another bundle of 17 unique lightroom sets. This pack includes many different effects and photo enhancing presets for both baby and children’s photos. This pack includes the same effects in Photoshop Action Format that you can customize the effects to your liking. These presets are compatible with Lightroom 4, CC, and Photoshop CS6 or better.

This bundle of lightroom presets comes with 32 premium presets for photo retouching and makes other photo enhancement adjustments with just one click. These lightroom presets are perfect for enhancing both your child’s photos and other images such as portraits and exterior photos.

If you are a fan of classic and retro themed photography, this bundle of lightroom presets will help you get the same look with your photos using 17 different effects and styles. The pack includes 7 unique base presets and 10 variations of effects. These are perfect for newborn, family and landscape photography.

10 Free Baby Light Room Presets

This free bundle includes 10 different lightroom presets that you can use to enhance your newborn photos like a pro. Presets are easily adjustable and they are ideal for improving the color and brightness of images.

Looking for a way to add a rustic and artistic look to your baby and children’s photos? Don’t look any further. This pack of lightroom presets will allow you to give your photos a unique Nordic look. It comes with 3 different presets to adjust the tones and moods and 15 variations of the preset to fit different lighting conditions.

This is a bundle of 20 lightroom presets with many different and stunning effects and enhancements to enhance your newborn photos. These presets are also optimized to adjust the tones, brightness and other aspects of your images.

If you have Lightroom 4 or higher, you can use the preset in this bundle to quickly enhance your child’s photos. Presets are also non-destructive and come with camera presets for editing your photos in Photoshop. They are ideal for enhancing skin, color, light and white balance of your photos.

Another bundle of 25 unique lightroom presets for editing your newborn photo. This pack includes various presets that come in many different occasions such as outdoor photography, portrait, close-up and more. The presets are also compatible with the camera.

40 Freeborn Baby Light Room Presets.

A large bundle of 40 different lightroom presets with a variety of filters and effects. This pack will help you style your children’s photos to make them more beautiful.

Newborn Lightroom Presets.

This collection of 15 lightroom presets is the perfect choice for newborn photography. Each preset is designed to bring out the best in your photos, without compromising on explanations. Covered for natural light shocks, perfect for monochromatic images.

Newborn Lightroom Presets.

Give your family photos a dramatic touch with the help of this professional lightroom preset that is perfect for indoor and outdoor photography. This lightroom resource is available for free and is guaranteed to help you create lifelong memories.

Newborn Lightroom Presets.

Give your newborn baby photos a remarkably unique and sharp look with a cool children’s lightroom preset collection. Presets are designed to add cool tones to your photos, without you having to sweat for hours to create an effect from scratch.

Newborn Lightroom Presets.

This lightroom preset will help you add eye-catching colors and natural and bright light to your photos in just a few minutes, allowing you to spend more time clicking on beautiful images, and reducing them. I will spend less time. It’s free and ready to grab.

Newborn Lightroom Presets.

Bring Christmas pictures to your newborns, and make them all more special and fun. There are 10 unique presets inside the package, each working in a way that does justice to the features, and the innocence of your child.

This is a lightroom preset pack specifically designed to capture your child’s funny moments in photos. It includes 20 presets that enhance the color and lighting to make these funny pictures more attractive.

A bundle of 15 unique lightroom presets designed by professionals. These presets are fully optimized to make your child’s photos more cute than ever. Each preset comes with smart adjustments, which you can customize.

This pack of lightroom presets will cover all types of baby photos, from newborns to older children. It includes 20 different presets that give each of your child’s photos a different look with unique effects. They will also work well with your photo and family photos. The presets are also compatible with the camera.

A bundle of soft filter lightroom presets that comes with 15 styles of filters to add a more modern look to your child’s photos. These presets also offer subtle enhancements to enhance the light and color of your photos.

Simple free newborn lightroom preset.

Another great free newborn lightroom preset designed to enhance the toning of your baby’s photos. The preset is free to download and works with Lightroom mobile and desktop apps.

Babies look the sweetest when they sleep. When you take pictures of your baby’s lovely sleep, be sure to give them an extra special look using this bundle of lighter room presets. They are specially designed to enhance the image of sleeping children. It comes with 20 non-destructive presets including skin toning, color enhancement and lighting adjustments.

A pack of 28 different lightroom presets to enhance baby and children’s photography. This collection includes smart adjustments with color enhancements and many effects.

Pop up your cute baby photos with vibrant colors and filters using this collection. This bundle includes 20 different lightroom sets to enhance your newborn photos.

Whether you’re catching your child’s first walk, first smile, or even the first day of preschool, the preset in this pack will help you enhance all your beautiful photos. It includes 30 different lightroom presets that fit many different occasions.

Soft Newborn - Free Lightroom Preset.

This lightroom preset gives a soft and smooth effect to make your newborn photos look more professional. The preset is fully customizable and you can easily change the adjustment to edit the effect.

Go all in with this large bundle of lightroom presets. This bundle includes several different sets of presets that make up a total of 50 presets, all designed specifically to enhance children’s images.

5 Tips for Editing Baby Photography

Like taking care of babies, you need to take extra care with them when editing newborn photography. Follow these tips to get the best results from your child’s photography.

1. Use retouching if necessary.

Neonatal photography often enlarges and highlights some of the unnecessary parts of the newborn. As a result, dry skin and red spots are some of the common things you have to deal with when processing baby pictures.

Sometimes, to create an everlasting look, you want to repaint the baby’s skin in the photo to minimize these areas and create memories that will last a long time.

2. Improving lighting and reducing contrast.

Newborn photos taken with natural light look better. However, it’s also something you can’t control your preference for. For these images taken in different light conditions, you can use the lightroom to enhance the images with different adjustments.

Also, consider adjusting the contrast and lowering it slightly to reduce the highlights and focus more on the baby. However, it also depends on the conditions of the photo shoot.

3. Add soft and light filters.

It’s hard to resist adding filters to your child’s photos when there are so many choices to make newborn photos even more cute and cute.

Try to minimize the use of filters to maintain the natural beauty of your child’s photos. The use of soft and light filters with pastel colors should be perfectly fine.

4. Speed ​​up the process with the preset.

If you are a professional photographer who processes bundles of photos one at a time from a photo shoot, it is best to find and use presets to refine photos more easily.

The Lightroom Preset not only speeds up your editing process, but also helps you keep a constant eye on the whole photo album.

5. Preserve the natural look at all prices.

Pictures of cute kids are often better. Always do your best to preserve the quality of the image and the overall natural look. Nothing can replace the beautiful and unique soft skin and baby’s face.

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