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30+ Best Business and Project Proposal Templates for Microsoft Word 2021

Microsoft Word is a great way to quickly put together a professional brochure or suggestion in a very short time. What makes it even better is the ability to use templates.

With the help of word templates, you can quickly create a high quality brochure design without having to spend hours completing it. They help you cut your work time in half.

In this post, we present some of the best proposal templates for WordPress that you can use to create beautiful brochures for a variety of business tips. Be sure to keep some of these templates safe on your computer for use whenever you need to create a quick project proposal.

Dark Business Proposal Template for Word.

Dark Color Theme is the best choice for designing tips with a beautiful and professional feel. This word template will help you achieve this goal. It has 20 unique page layouts with fully editable design. It is available in both MS Word and InDesign formats.

Beautiful business proposal document for Word.

This word template will not only help you design a beautiful proposal but also help you represent your brand in a professional way. It has a beautiful design that you can customize. And it includes a 26-page layout in A4 size.

Axel - Beautiful Business Tip Word Template

At first glance, you can see how this brochure template is the best choice for designing business tips. It has a clean and professional design with a blue scheme. It also uses modern formatting, shapes, and includes 24 unique page designs to choose from.

Word Digital Marketing Proposal Template

This word template will come in handy if you are working on a marketing proposal for a client or even your business. It includes a 28 page layout with modern and fully editable design. The template comes in MS Word, in-design and PowerPoint versions.

Freelance SEO Proposal Word Template.

This is a simple and free word template that you can use with a basic suggestion for your freelance SEO projects. It includes many custom page layouts and comes in Word, Google Docs and Apple Pages formats.

Web Design Portfolio Suggestion Word Template.

An important part of creating suggestions for web design projects is the display of your portfolio, this template does this part very well. It offers 20 unique page layouts in A4 size to showcase your portfolio and proposal at the same time.

Modern Business Proposal Word Template.

This proposal template is ideal for corporate agencies and businesses. It has a beautiful and dark color scheme that immediately attracts attention. The template lets you choose from 20 different page layouts with editable colors and shapes.

Digital Marketing Proposal Word Template

You can use this word template to create attractive digital marketing tips that win over your customers. This template includes 28 different page layouts with modern designs. You can also edit the template using PowerPoint or InDesign.

Sponsorship proposal for MS Word and Indices

This word template is designed with sponsorship tips in mind. It includes 20 unique page layouts with clean and minimal design. You can easily change colors, fonts and formatting using MS Word or Adobe InDesign.

Free Business Tip Double Brochure Template.

If you are looking for a template to create a short proposal then this word template is for you. This is a double brochure template that can be used to create a simple proposal for your business plans.

Modern Business Proposal Template for Word.

Coming up with a great layout design is often the hardest part of creating a proposal brochure. But, with this template, you don’t have to worry about it. It has a beautiful design that fits perfectly with modern brands. The template includes a layout of 20 pages in A4 and US letter size. You can customize it in MS Word or Adobe InDesign.

Clean Business Proposal Word Template.

This word proposal template also comes with professional design as before. It is designed with modern business in mind. You can use it to create tips, brand guidelines and other brochures. The template comes with a 20 page layout which includes a master page layout, paragraphs and much more.

Project Proposal Brochure Template for Word.

If you are looking for a word template to design a proposal with a clean layout then this template is perfect for you. It has a simple design with few colors and is ideal for creative agencies and brands. You can choose from a 26-page layout to design a suggestion brochure using MS Word or these designs.

Brand project proposal word and INDD template.

This proposal template is ideal for developing project proposals for corporate brands and businesses. It comes with a professional design with a modern design. The template itself is designed to be used for any purpose but it would be a great use to showcase your company along with the suggestion. The template includes a layout of 16 pages.

Minimal project proposal word template.

A modern and minimalist word template for project suggestions. This is ideal for creating attractive brochures for small businesses and agencies so that you can submit your proposal for projects, especially for design and marketing. The template has 40 different page layouts in MS Word and InDesign file formats.

Free Professional Services Suggestion Word Template.

This is a free word brochure template from the Official Word Templates directory. It is designed with agencies in mind to create project proposals that showcase your services and features. It contains 19 pages.

Professional proposal brochure word template.

You can create a high quality suggestion brochure using this professional wordpress template. It has a layout of 24 pages with full paragraph formatting and text style. You can design a very attractive proposal with this template. It comes in Word, InDesign and Apple Pages formats.

Creative Suggestions Template for Word and InDesign.

This is a creative brochure template full of stylish page layouts with shapes and images. This design is perfect for agencies. The template includes 24 page designs in A4 and US letter sizes. You can edit them using Word or InDesign.

Company Proposal Template for Word.

A clean and minimalist template for creating professional brochures. This template is suitable for both freelancers and agencies to design proposals for different projects. The template includes a layout of 40 pages and is compatible with Word and its design.

Beautiful business proposal template for Word.

This beautiful word proposal template features many creative elements such as unique formatting, text style, background and shapes. The design of each page in this 36 page template is different. It makes perfect for designing brochures for creative agencies, lifestyle businesses and brands.

Agency Project Proposal Word Template.

If you want to create a more visual brochure full of pictures and images then this word template is perfect for you. It has 36 different page layouts including highly visual designs. Here are stylish backgrounds, shapes, and image placeholders where you can showcase your project proposal in an attractive way.

Freelance Proposal Word Template.

This is a simple free word template that you can use to create basic suggestions for a freelance project. It includes all the necessary parts of a professional project proposal and even a contract template. You can also download the template in PowerPoint format.

Agency proposal and portfolio word template.

This word proposal template looks professional in every way. It has a clean design, uses fewer colors but with a lot of stylistic elements, and uses a very modern page layout design. It includes 32 page designs in various file formats, including Word, In Design, Apple Pages, Photoshop and more.

Creative project proposal template for Word.

This template will come in handy if you are working on a project proposal for a modern agency or creative brand. It has 24 unique page layouts with plenty of space to display images. You can also easily customize the colors of the template.

Stylish project proposal word template.

This innovative suggestion template comes with a stylish design that uses a two tone color scheme. This is great for creating brochures for marketing agencies and creative brands. The template is available in both A4 and US letter sizes for Word and their design.

MS Word and in-design design template.

You can display your suggestions and project plans well when using minimal layout. They allow you to better highlight your content with more space. This template is designed with this goal in mind. It includes 22 clean and minimal page layouts. It is fully compatible with Word and InDesign.

Brand Identity and Suggestion Template for the word.

This word template is for creating brand recognition brochures. But, it also includes templates for project suggestions, annual reports, and more. You can easily customize the template to change colors and fonts. It has a very visual design full of colors and shapes. It has a total layout of 50 pages.

Free Simple Project Suggestion Word Template.

A very basic word template for creating a simple project proposal. This template has only one page design which you can use as a framework for creating your project suggestions. It’s free to download.

Creative Company Proposal Word Template

This creative proposal template is great for creating company profiles or project proposal brochures. It comes with a stylishly designed page layout that you can customize. The template includes 18 page designs.

Business proposal template for Word.

You can use this colorful proposal template to create a professional project proposal for a corporate brand or agency. The template comes with 36 unique page layouts available in A4 and US Letter sizes.

Series - Project Proposal Word Template.

This template is perfect for freelancers and creative professionals, especially for offering attractive suggestions for client projects. The template is compatible with InDesign, Word, Apple Pages, and includes a layout of 24 pages.

Multipurpose project proposal template.

This is a multipurpose proposal template that comes in a variety of file formats. You can edit and customize the template using Word, InDesign, Apple Pages, Photoshop and Illustrator. It has 28 page designs in A4 and US letter size.

For more templates, check out our Best Word Brochure Templates Collection.

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