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3 Zodiac Signs That Will Have a Hard Day on November 11, 2021

As the day begins under the auspicious energy of 11-11, the three zodiac signs that will have a difficult day on November 11th will also be influenced by Scorpio and Aquarius Sun, leading us to feel that some things are getting out of our control.

When we think of astrology, we know that it is a practice of studying the planets, but when we think of certain dates, such as today for example November 11 (11-11), and the significance they hold, that is numerology.

Numerology is the study of how certain dates and numbers carry signs and meanings to our lives. Today’s number one vibration (11-11) carries the power of new beginnings and direction toward the path of our soul.

Although the first vibration is positive, sometimes in life we ​​reject the new beginnings we offer out of fear of what might happen if we accept them.

The 11-11 . energy It always represents the gateway to growth that the universe offers us.

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But the thing with this kind of growth is that sometimes it picks us up and not the other way around.

For some today, it may feel like life is moving faster than we had hoped or that things are happening differently than we had imagined.