3 Ways Top Personalized Websites Personalize Site Content

If your product or service is not the same, shouldn’t your content be dynamic?

The best websites persuade potential customers to continue their journey and ultimately convert with high quality, conversion friendly, personalized content.

This requires a solid understanding of your audience and their behavior.

In this article, you will see how the top three websites use personal site content to convert customers.

We will also show how small businesses can implement realistic and affordable solutions that serve the same goals.

1. Netflix uses data to dominate streaming services.

With 209 million subscribers, how can Netflix offer such personalized, curated content? You?

From recommending specific titles for your family profile to sending a to-do list of movies directly to your inbox, it all starts with data collection.

Netflix not only understands who its customer is, but also how the customer interacts with its platform.

3 Ways Personalized Onsite Content to Netflix Masters.

1. Personal recommendations

Netflix may have an army of data analysts and an sophisticated algorithm that knows its audience through a combination of human and AI-driven programs, but also small business insights using free or premium software. Can get Check out the examples below to help you present personalized, dynamic content.


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2. Trends

Netflix draws on third-party data to create relevant content for its website and visitors.

Small businesses have access to similar software, including the following options, to keep up with the trends in their respective businesses.

3. Original content

Netflix found its place in the overstretched world of TV and film by offering original content on its streaming service, such as “House of Cards,” “Narcos,” and “Orange as the New Black.”

You can create original content that includes all the elements like a nail-biting television series: well-written copy, informative material, a fascinating story, and a memorable action or call to action.

Tips and tools for small business.

Create personal and animated text, images, and CTAs.

There are affordable tools that you can use for your website such as:

  • Hyper.is
  • Google Optimize
  • Personal
  • Customizable
  • The right message.


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Track what’s trending in your industry.

You can use these tools:

  • Google Trends
  • بزسمو۔
  • کوورا۔
  • Reddit.
  • احریف

Create original, SEO friendly and interesting content.

It requires the expertise of an experienced writer. This is an investment that will deliver the right ROI if done correctly.

You can then use one of the personalization tools mentioned above to adjust your high quality copy, videos or images to user behavior and population.

2. Aveda creates an interactive experience using quizzes and AI.

Aveda.com, screenshot from September 2021.

According to Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to buy brands that provide a personalized experience.

Many beauty brands, such as Evada, Bumble and Bumble, and Sephora offer customers personalized, on-site expertise, knowing each individual’s individual needs.

Ovida offers customers “tailor-made” products to keep visitors long on the website, guide them to purchase the right product or service, and easily integrate a store and online shopping experience. Coins

Quizzes and AI tools create an effective lead generation strategy.

In most cases, the buyer will have to enter his name and email address in order to get his result. But even if the customer doesn’t make an instant purchase, you can use the results for personal e-mails and campaigns to push customers back on their journey.

How Ovida Personalized Site ContentAveda.com, screenshot from September 2021.

Oida Masters has personalized the content on the site in 3 ways.

1. Interactive quiz


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Users demand privacy and will share their information to get it. Ninety-one percent (91 percent) of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that offer offers and recommendations that are relevant to them.

Ovida’s quiz asks a lot of questions about the user’s hair, for example. Once the results are ready, Ovida will offer the best products and services for the user’s hair type and concerns, as well as highly relevant blog articles and resources.

2. AI.

Sophisticated computer programs and artificial intelligence tools are popping up on web sites.

For Ovida, this means a 220% increase in try-on tool traffic and a 5x increase in salon locator visits vs. site averages.

Although the technology is still in its infancy, the next few years are expected to see explosive growth of websites across all industries using trial technology, leading to more affordable solutions.

3. Personalized retrieval and re-marketing campaigns.

Ovida strategically uses on-site data to drive back traffic to the site.


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Before you dive into any of these, it’s best to read and understand the difference, re-marketing vs. retargeting: are they the same thing?

Aveda and other companies use various forms of retargeting and remarketing, such as:

  • Off-site retargeting.
    • Cross-channel retargeting ads.
    • Email retargeting ads.
    • Dynamic retargeting ads.
    • Google Remarketing Ads
    • TikTok Retargeting Ads.
  • Targets on site again.
  • Cart dropping messages / popups. Related to the product in the customer’s cart
  • Blog and product recommendations. Based on what the buyer saw.

Tips and tools for small businesses to use.

Add a quiz to your site.

Gain the trust of visitors and improve your lead generation by adding inspiring and affordable quizzes to your site.


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Here are some tools to discover:

  • Zero
  • جیبٹ
  • Interact.
  • Out Grove
  • LeadQuizzes.
  • Qzzr
  • Puzzle

Create on-site testing experiments.

The average business does not have the resources to hire a team of engineers and developers to create artificially intelligent virtual shopping experiences.

But that doesn’t stop you from exploring the following options that give business owners the ability to create test experiences on their site.

  • You cam
  • Edit
  • Face style
  • Quytech.

Looking for the right tool to help you in your targeting efforts?


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Here is a list of well-known SAAS companies that offer solutions for businesses of all sizes and budgets.

  • Sharp Spring Ads.
  • Click meter.
  • Mail Champ.
  • Re-targeter.
  • Ad roll
  • Feather
  • Crito
  • Fixel

3. Adidas incorporates personalized strategy on site.

Creative Club Loyalty Program.Screenshot of eddy dos.com, September 2021.

“We have the most important store in the world,” said Casper Roasted, CEO of Adidas.

Before the site became a personal standard, Adidas created a functional website that:

  • Allows customers to save and store products in wishlists.
  • Implemented hygienic and collaborative filtering product recommendations for new customers.
  • And start offering behavioral and interest-based recommendations to customers again.

In addition, Adidas has developed a phone app and loyalty program to complement conversations on the user’s site to create an even more integrated and personalized relationship between Adidas and its followers.


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3 Ways Adidas Masters Personalized Site Content

1. Active listening: Give them what they want.

Adidas sends private messages to its users.

Even more impressive, Adidas taps into its salesforce data to provide a dynamic homepage with specific copy, photos and videos for each user.

Adidas puts its brand in the hands of its customers and adapts its message and brand accordingly.

2. Creative Club Loyalty Program.

Adidas soon learned that in order to build a loyal fan base, it would have to put customers first with VIP treatment. Today, the Creators Club’s loyalty program offers the benefits of attractive members only.

3. Adidas Mobile App.

With Google’s focus on mobile first indexing, the brand’s applications are expected to grow significantly. Mobile apps bridge the gap between brands and consumers as they travel through their customers across multiple devices.

For example, the Adidas mobile app provides users with a unique shopping experience. In addition, the app provides personalized content such as news and blogs after learning about user-style preferences and analyzing their behavior on the app and website.


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Tips and tools for small business.

Implement dynamic content on your website.

Create and use data-driven product or service recommendations, site search with dynamic content, dynamic CTAs, smart popups, on-page copy and image animations, and dynamic on-site banners.

Find the solution that’s best for you and your audience – here are some to try:

  • Right message.
  • If so.
  • personally.
  • Universal

Use loyalty programs.

Here are some programs worth discovering:

  • Open loyalty.
  • Then.
  • YouTube
  • Five stars.
  • Smile.io
  • Tape Mango
  • Loyalty lion.
  • AI trillion.
  • Able to talk

Invest in a mobile app.


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Increase the value of your brand by creating a mobile app. Plan carefully and work with app developers who understand your goals.

If you’re just starting out and getting it done, you can try one of the tools below.

  • Bubble
  • اپپی۔
  • GoNative.
  • iBuildApp.

Personalizing content leads to more extraordinary experiences.

This article covers ways to personalize website content, and we’ve only scratched the surface.

New advances in technology will make on-site content and overall experience more engaging and innovative.

The next time you visit the website of your favorite brand, look beyond the product and note what they are doing to create a special, personalized experience for you.

Better yet, ask yourself how you can apply these tutorials to your website.

More resources:


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Featured Image: Leonid Zarbin / Shutterstock.

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