3 Reasons Why Marketers Should Care About Data Security (And How To Get Started)

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3 Reasons Why Marketers Should Care About Data Security (And How To Get Started)

In the last two years, you may have heard a lot about cybersecurity.

Like so many big, serious concepts, it feels like it sometimes plays on our heads – the territory of heavy parties and governments, or maybe your IT department. And, let’s face it, marketing, sales or service professionals aren’t too interesting either.

You may have found yourself thinking this, “Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. “

As a product manager, I spend for security at HubSpot a lot Today, as I think about this topic, I want to explore how important good data protection and account security are to marketers and the businesses they offer.

It all starts with one thing: trust.

Why marketers should be concerned about data security

1. Trustbound is a cornerstone of marketing methods.

There are many ways to build trust in your business.

It can be an example of expertise in your field or provide excellent service around the customer experience. You also build trust by building real relationships with customers that simply change a lead – and that includes ongoing support that makes your customers so successful that they can recommend their service to anyone. Feel comfortable

At the end of day, Building and maintaining trust Keeping your beehive is a key component.

Without it, the whole machine would grind to a halt.

A catastrophic loss for trust and business, and also for a brand. For example, some things can cause a user to sever a relationship with a company faster than a data breach. in fact, One in four will not do business with companies that violate US data.

2. Prospects and consumers trust marketers to keep personal data safe.

Every day, your potential customers trust you – in fact when they do things like filling out a contact form on your website, signing up for your webinars, or signing up for a free trial of your service Are

By giving you their personal information, they are trusting not only your business but also you as a marketer who maintains these tools. They trust you to keep their personal information safe, not misuse it (say, send them spam emails), and use it to help them achieve their goals. Use in the best interest.

3. Proper use of data is no longer enough – you need to keep user data safe.

You may have heard conversations about the proper use of user data, such as emails, “Don’t misuse this information.”

For example: Don’t email anyone too much, don’t send them an offer that you have no reason to believe they will be interested in or will not contact them without their consent.

Just as important a conversation in which you are a little less familiar. How to actually keep potential and customer information safe, And at the hands of those who want to damage this information. Will use

If you are not familiar with this aspect of the conversation, it is understandable. The risk of unauthorized access to user data on a scale of bad actors is relatively new.

At Habs Spot, we believe in encouraging and maintaining trust. It is so precious.

As a marketer, you are a storehouse of your customers’ data.

The job of a marketer is not to build leads or brand.

There is another important piece in this puzzle. Which is a reliable studio of customer data.

If consumers are done to build these standard relationships, to build a credible brand in your field, to build a team of evangelists who trust you because of all their hard work – which others Is also encouraged to trust you. Then it is important that you close the deal.

It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.

Start with the basics

Fortunately, it is not difficult to implement the best security practices to keep your online accounts secure. In fact, many of these things can get you started right now.

Here is a list of content to help any marketer formulate basic security principles:


Hub Spot Academy Content and Webinar:

You have done a great job building relationships, communities and image in your business. You can also do a great job of security – and become a studio that your customers can trust.

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