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25+ Best Flowers and Floral Background Textures 2022.

When it comes to designing wedding invitations and greeting cards, floral backgrounds are a must-have that will help you bring beauty to your designs. In this collection, we bring you some of the best floral and floral backgrounds that you can use with such special design projects.

A beautiful floral background is not only a great way to beautify your designs but it is also an effective way to experiment with your creative designs such as fonts, logos, and even PowerPoint presentations.

We chose these floral and floral backgrounds with different styles and designs so you can use them with a variety of wedding invitations, greeting cards, blog headers, presentations and social media post designs. See if you can find the background for your next project.

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Discover the background texture.

Crocus - Background and patterns of pink flowers.

This beautiful pink floral pattern is perfect for many different types of designs. You can use it to create backgrounds for graphic design, product packaging, posters, website design, and more. Patterns come in Illustrator and EPS file formats.

Tea Flowers - Watercolor Floral Patterns and Cliparts

Featuring watercolor style floral designs, this collection of floral patterns is great for designing beautiful greeting cards, invitations and everything in between. The bundle includes 2 smooth floral patterns and 32 different clip art.

Wildflower - Simple flower patterns and templates.

Sometimes, a simple and minimalist floral pattern is needed to add a little creative touch to your design. This pack includes 20 simple flower patterns with different wild floor designs. As a bonus, it also comes with 10 Instagram Story Templates in PSD format.

Simple floral pattern and background

If you are looking for a floral pattern with a simple but modern design then this pattern is perfect for you. This is a simple floral pattern that comes with a fully editable EPS vector file as well as a high resolution JPG file.

Vintage floral pattern with leaves.

You can use this vintage floral pattern to design a creative background for your print and digital design. It comes in a variety of formats, including Illustrator, EPS, PSD, and PNG file versions. You can easily edit, resize and customize the pattern to your liking.

Background collection of floral patterns.

This collection of floral background textures includes 4 stunning designs with different colors. You can use these textures to design your unique background for print design, website headers, social media design and much more. Each structure is available in several file formats, including JPG, PNG, AI, and EPS.

Monochrome floral patterns and backgrounds

This bundle includes a set of unique background patterns with a minimalist design. It comes with 10 different vectors that are perfect for creating backgrounds for your modern greeting card and poster design.

Smooth poppy patterns and background.

A collection of smooth patterned backgrounds with designs inspired by poppy flowers. The choice of colors and patterns in these backgrounds makes them ideal for creative print design projects. It includes 10 different backgrounds.

Background of Indian flower patterns

The backgrounds in this pack come with a unique design inspired by floral examples of Indian culture. It has 6 smooth background textures and an EPS file with 6 sushes. These are perfect for packaging design.

Memphis style smooth floral patterns.

This is a collection of smooth patterned backgrounds with a unique floral design inspired by the new Memphis design trend. It includes 10 unique flower patterns in 5000 x 3334 resolution. It also comes with patterned layered AI format files that you can easily edit to create your own textures.

Smooth floral pattern background.

A collection of 18 unique floral designs that come with modern designs and patterns. You can use handmade patterns in this collection to create stylish backgrounds for your various design needs, including print and digital projects.

Background of winter flowers

This bundle is full of all kinds of floral design elements and textures. It includes 10 individual floral elements, 10 recipes and sheets and 6 smooth patterns. The files are available in both AI and EPS formats. Pattern files are available in JPG format.

Smooth floral patterns and backgrounds.

Backgrounds in this pack come with unique designs with minimal colors. You will choose from 10 different flower patterns and backgrounds in this collection in 5000 x 3333 resolution.

Blooms in spring - floral background.

Collection of colorful floral backgrounds with different designs to suit all kinds of greeting cards, invitations and presentation backgrounds. This pack includes over 45 textures with stylish digital art.

Watercolor ultraviolet background and a combination of patterns.

This is a large bundle of different design elements, including 6 watercolor textures, 6 floral patterns, 6 sheets and 39 floral elements. All the elements in the pack have a beautiful purple watercolor design.

Bloom Patterns Collection Volume 3.

A collection of backgrounds of floral patterns that are perfect for designing business cards, packaging designs, posters and wallpapers. It comes with 3600 x 3600 resolution and 6 unique backgrounds in EPS and JPG formats.

Smooth spring floral pattern.

A unique pattern of smooth flowers with a delicate spring atmosphere. This pattern is perfect for designing the background of wedding invitations, posters and social media posts. It comes in JPG, PNG, AI, and EPS file formats.

Shabby Chic - Digital Paper Floral Background.

This is a combination of patterned backgrounds that come in 3600 x 3600 px resolution JPG files. It includes 12 unique backgrounds that have already been created for you. It can be used to design the background of your greeting cards, invitations and much more.

Chamomile - Smooth pattern floral background

These delicate and minimalist floral backgrounds will be a great addition to your floral texture collection. It includes 10 different patterned backgrounds that you can use to design greeting cards, posters, website headers, and more.

Vintage Flower Digital Paper Background Pack.

The back of this pack has a stylish vintage floral design. They’re great for designing packaging, gift wrappers, book covers, and photo albums. It includes 12 backgrounds in high resolution JPG files.

Watercolor Mint Christmas Floral Background

This is a collection of floral backgrounds designed specifically for your Christmas based design projects. This includes clip art, blue backgrounds, wood backgrounds and much more that you can use to create greeting cards and packaging designs.

Watercolor Mint Christmas Floral Background

This bundle comes with a beautiful summer themed floral background that goes great with your various design projects. It includes 4 smooth patterns in JPG, EPS, and PNG formats.

Summer Wind - Flower Patterns and Vectors

Summer Breeze is a collection of floral textures, patterns, backgrounds and many other vector elements. It includes 32 smooth floral patterns in PNG format, 14 decorative frames, sheets and much more.

Day Yellow Wedding Digital Paper Backgrounds.

Pattern backgrounds in this bundle are featured as subtle rose designs. This pack comes with 12 unique designs that are ideal for wedding invitations, packaging and other design projects.

6 smooth floral pattern background

This is a pack of 6 unique floral backgrounds with attractive and vibrant colors. Each pattern has a unique floral design and you can use them to create different backgrounds.

Floral background with tulips.

3 A set of handmade flower backgrounds with a set of pink tulips. These are great for designing greeting cards and social media posts. Patterns are available in both EPS and JPG formats.

Mint Dream - Watercolor Digital Paper Backgrounds.

This bundle includes a total of 14 unique watercolor floral designs suitable for Christmas and seasonal design projects. They’re also great for creating wedding invitations, gift packaging, and album design backgrounds.

Be sure to check out our Rainbow Background and Watercolor Background collections for more inspiration.

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