2022 Honda Civic C: This Is It

She's so pretty, I'll give her that

She’s so pretty, I’ll give her that
Photo: Honda

We were Thinking of the upcoming Civic Si For a while now, Honda hasn’t released any details about the eleventh-generation car. Now, the gates are open – specs and details for the 2022 Si are open, and boy are they… interesting.

To set the baseline, the 2020 Civic Si (in sedan form) produces 205 horsepower and 192 pound-feet of torque. It weighs 2,906 pounds and only comes with a six-speed manual transmission and a limited-slip front differential. How does the new compare?

if I say

If you say “neom” to yourself while looking at this picture, you’re in good company
Photo: Honda

For 2022, the six-speed and limited-slip differential remain, but power and weight have changed. Torque is the same as peak 192 ft-lbs, although Honda claims it reaches 300 rpm faster than the outgoing model. Peak power dropped to five horsepower, hitting just 200, though the horsepower curve seemed to have flattened out at the top end. This could mean the car is slightly slower, or it could make a loss in the spreadsheets but (with more power under the curve) wins on the track.

Weight on the new chassis has increased to 2,952 pounds, but fuel economy is also up slightly—1 mpg, city/highway/combined, up to 27/37/31. The new car is progressively larger, just over an inch long overall and at its wheelbase, with more room for passengers to display. Honda proudly calls the new Si wheelbase “the longest in its class,” which might not be anything to brag about.

I can't wait to see this color on Hot Wheels Civic

I can’t wait to see this color on Hot Wheels Civic
Photo: Honda

Honda’s big talking point for the new Si is the suspension, where the increased spring rates should make it much happier than the standard sedan. Strong sway bars should help control body roll, and various R-type bushings are likely to increase the feel of the road through the vehicle. The new Si also gets the current Honda Sensing suite of active safety features.

A number from zero to sixty digits has not been released for the new Si, but it is likely to be similar to the previous model. Slightly lower peak power, but more usable horses across the rev range, likely to balance each other out. Iworld 271 hp WRXes and 241 hp GTIs, though, is that enough?

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For actual buyers of the Civic Si, it probably is. The Si traditionally costs less than its more capable competitors, and serves as the entry point for an automobile enthusiast even before its three-in-one rivals emerged. consideration group. Si is the enthusiast’s first car, in which a budding gearhead can learn what he really wants.

After the daily drive of the Si, what more would you want from him? Strength, fun, but with refinement and sophistication? Replace it with a GTI. All-around performance prowess, inner squeak and rattle be damned? Replace Si with WRX, and start learning to roll your vape coils. Maybe it teaches you about the balance between understeer and oversteer, and you decide to go rear-wheel drive in a Toyota 86 or Miata.

As long as the price remains low, the 200-horsepower Civic C will not be irrelevant. Alternatively, it could target a more fearful initial enthusiast – serving as a gateway to car culture as ever.


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