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2021 NJ District 8 Election Results: Republicans Lead in Senate and House Races

The race for the Senate seat for the New Jersey Legislature’s 8th district is one of the state’s most competitive legislative elections this year, pitting Republican senator-turned-Democrat Don Marie Adejo against Republican Assemblyman Jan Stanfield.

While Republicans are unlikely to make many meaningful breakthroughs in the Democratic majority in both houses of the New Jersey legislature in this election cycle, this margin It can be narrowed down in the state senate starting in District 8.

  • Jan Stanfield: 32,316 votes (58.4%)
  • Dawn Addiego: 23,057 votes (41.6%)
  • 146 reports from 148 regions

Addiego He is running for the Democratic Party for the first time since switching parties two years ago. she Represent Live in the association from 2008 to 2010During which she served as the Republican Whip Assistant and the Republican Party Leader’s Assistant.

The legislator was appointed to fill the vacant Senate seat for the district in 2010, and Addiego . was She was elected to her first full term in 2011And Undisputed race win. Addiego easily won re-election in 2013 before winning by four points in the 2017 election.

But as the Republican Party moved more to the right during Trump’s presidency, Adego Parties transformed and became a democrat In 2019, she said her constituents “did not elect me to be content with the role of the loyal opposition” to the Murphy administration.

The changing political atmosphere of the region may have played a role in Adejo’s decision as well. Combined with winning just four points in her last race as a Republican, The number of democratic voters in the Adigo region doubled over the past decade.

Addiego’s gambling comes with political risks, too. The Eighth Legislative District, comprising about 20 cities across Atlantic, Burlington, and Camden counties, has historically been under Republican control. The Republican Party has not lost a term in the region since 1973, as Democrats struggled even to win 40% of the vote in the pre-Trump era.

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Stanfield described the senator’s partisan shift as “reprehensible.” Stanfield, who was first elected to the assembly in 2019, said she would have retired had Adigou not defected.

Stanfield said Adego is not meeting its legislative obligations, claiming that voters have complained that the senator’s office is unhelpful and unresponsive during the COVID-19 pandemic. A native of Southampton Township, Stanfield was previously mayor of Burlington County from 2002 to 2019.

A lawyer by trade, Addiego began her public service career on Evesham Township and Planning Board from 1993 to 2000. She then worked as a freelancer in Burlington County from 2000 to 2008.

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Addiego and Stanfield’s policy differences focus largely on property taxes and how best to make the area more affordable.

The current senator pointed towards Re-implementation of the millionaire tax last year and the subsequent tax deduction for less affluent families, the Big Freeze and expanded housing benefits as important sources of middle-class relief. Stanfield criticized some of those efforts as political stunts.

With Stanfield running for Senate and Assemblyman Ryan Peters retiring after two terms, District 8 will also retire. Election of two new members of the Assembly this fall.

Working on the Republican ticket is former Hammonton Town Council member Mike Torresey and acting Manchester Township Manager Brandon Umba. Marlton’s attorney, Mark Natalie, who ran for and lost the assembly in 2019, and Lenape Regional Secondary Education Board member Allison Eckel are among the rival Democrats in the district.

Republicans made property taxes a top priority during the campaign as part of an effort to make the area accessible to existing residents and to attract new business to New Jersey. Torrici and Oumba also argue that local schools lost government funding under Adejo.

  • assembly area NJ 8
  • Mike Torrici: 33,017 votes (30.3%)
  • Brandon Oumba: 31,744 votes (29.1%)
  • Mark Natalie: 22,054 votes (20.2%)
  • Alison Eckel: 22,141 votes (20.3%)
  • 146 reports from 148 regions

Democrats agree that property taxes are a major issue in the region. Natale and Eckel think it could be reduced if the New Jersey school funding formula is modified to provide more help to the area, making it more affordable for residents.

District 8 race is on its way to be The second most expensive legislative election in the state This fall, behind the District 2 contest. Nearly $3 million has been spent so far by candidates and outside groups, including a contribution of $1.2 million by the American Democratic Supermajority PAC, which He has ties to the Democratic power broker in South Jersey Norcross.

Democratic voters outnumber Republicans by about 9,000 in the area, but the vast majority of the population is unaffiliated. Therefore, which side is able to bring out more independent voters may be different in this hotly contested race.

Disclosure: George Norcross is the father of PhillyVoice founder and CEO Lexi Norcross.