2001 was the year of the PlayStation 2.

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It could never work. The unrivaled rise of the PlayStation 2, which reached its peak in 2001, was the result of a number of factors – Nintendo’s relative retreat from the market, Sega’s complete elimination of hardware, and (as we had hoped) Also shown here) A slate of some really amazing video games. But there was always another competitor to get all this valuable open space, and when Microsoft stepped into Sony’s newly carved territory in November 2001, it did so with a great system. – All time sellers.

Like multiplayer, Shooters had a huge gap in early PlayStation 2 genre coverage. Of course, this Started with Time splitters (And X Squad!), But there was nothing to suggest that Sony had any real intentions in laying the groundwork for the console first-person shooter that Nintendo and Nayab had put together. Golden eye And Perfect Dark A few years ago on N64. In 2001, shooters were still mostly Western style, and computer based, but Hello Changed it forever. By making racing, shooting, and punching feel natural (or anything could have happened naturally, on the extraordinary real Xbox controller), Mac FPS veteran bungee turned millions of console kids into shooter fans – and Soldiers loyal to Microsoft console wars when Hello 2 A few years later – backed by the power of Microsoft’s then-revolutionary Xbox Live online service – the transformation was complete.

The Xbox, even with MasterChief’s endless recreative shields, will never come close to beating the PlayStation 2 in sales. (Nothing – it’s the best-selling video game console ever in the press.) But what? Hello In fact, the wreckage, like many Warthogs, was a console-carrying universe. Until 2002, PS2 vs. Xbox One was a choice that every gamer had to make according to tastes, titles and trends. But in 2001, for 11 happy months of gaming excellence, the PlayStation 2 reigned supreme.


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