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20+ Drink & Food Label Design Templates 2021.

Designing product labels is one of the hardest jobs out there. You need to comply with client requests, bring the label up to industry standards, and make it attractive enough to win customers over at the same time.

If you’re struggling to find inspiration for your product label design, we’ve got you covered. In this post, you will find many different styles of beverage and food label design templates.

The best part is that you can download and use these templates for your projects. Or you can use them as a framework for your label design. Either way, take a look below and save some of these templates later.

Chocolate and jam bottle label template.

The main purpose of label design is to explain the product to the user. But a great label will also make people want to buy it. This is one of the label designs that will make you hungry for toast with chocolate spread. The label has a very clean design that displays the product well. And you can easily customize it using Adobe Illustrator.

Fresh juice bottle label template.

You will need to include a lot of information in the label design, most of which are boring technical details. Finding the right balance to organize all these elements is the key to creating an effective label design. Like this label design for juice bottles. It’s simple and shows everything you need to know about the product without cluttering the design.

Mackerel can label metal casing.

An effective label design can also make extremely boring food products attractive. This is how brands create memorable products that last for decades. Generally, mackerel cans are considered a boring product but this label design gives it a modern twist. Everything from the colors to the choice of fonts makes it very attractive. The template also comes in AI and EPS file formats.

Craft beer bottle label template.

When competing against the big brands, the biggest benefit of your craft beer is to create a drink that tastes good as well as memorable. This unique label design will help you achieve the latter. It has a minimalist vintage style setting that will set craft beer brands apart from the rest. The template is available in AI and PSD formats.

50 modern and minimal label templates

This is a large bundle filled with a variety of label design templates. Whether you’re designing a clean water bottle label, a sports drink, or even a perfume bottle, this pack includes a template for all kinds of products. All templates have minimal and modern looking designs. And they are available in fully customizable AI and EPS file formats.

Free Organic Food Label Design Template.

If you are looking for a simple label template that you can use to design for a personal project then this free template is perfect for you. It has a minimal label design that is perfect for organic food products.

Free vintage beer and wine bottle label templates.

Vintage label designs are a popular choice in modern bull and beer brands. This label template is designed with these brands in mind. There are several designs that you can use to create different wine product labels.

Protein Supplement Label Template.

You can design an amazing label for a protein supplement product using this template. It is available in AI and EPS file formats, allowing you to customize each element with just a few clicks. If your supplement comes in more than one flavor, you can simply change the color of the label. It’s that simple.

Yogurt Bottle Label Template

Some labels need to be designed in a special way to present the product more effectively. This label template is a great example of how this can be done. It has light colors with lots of creative elements that make the product delicious. You can also edit this template using Adobe Illustrator.

Vintage Wine Bottle Label Template

Most wine bottles always look the same and the boring old label design is to blame. With this unique label design, however, you can create a product that consumers will still collect after emptying the bottle. It offers a beautiful layout inspired by vintage design. The template comes in AI and EPS formats.

Vintage beer bottle label template.

Looking for a vintage style label for a beer brand? Then this template will come in handy. This beer bottle label is perfect for crafting a classic look that will definitely make the product more memorable. This template is available in both Photoshop and Illustrator formats.

Chilean sauce label design template.

Using this label template to create a spicy shape for your Chilean sauce product will not be a problem. It has all the right design elements that give consumers the right impression to buy products with a flaming background. The template looks cool enough to appeal to audiences of all ages. It comes in AI and EPS file formats.

Free food label templates.

This is a combination of label and badge templates that you can use to create different types of food designs. This is especially true for coffee brands. The templates are free to download.

Free sardines ton label templates.

This template will come in handy if you are designing sardine tin labels. It includes many label designs that you can edit and customize. Free to use with attribution.

Coffee Drink Label Design Template.

When it comes to coffee related products, a dark and bold design is the way to go. That’s why this label design works. It blends well with black and brown to create the perfect look for a coffee drink or instant coffee product. This label will also fit well with different types of bottles. You can edit and resize using Adobe Illustrator.

Honey jar label design template.

Keep in mind that you can edit any of the templates in our collection to your liking. The same goes for the honey jar label design. By simply changing the color in this template, you can create a completely different shape for this label. You can see the black and gold version of this label on its product page. Go and see

Modern juice label design template.

Juice bottle labels need to be colorful and creative to get consumers’ attention. This is especially important when you are designing for children. This juice label design goes well with the purple mix and grapefruit image. There is also a version of this template for strawberry juice.

Olive Oil Bottle Label Template.

We just had to add this beautifully beautiful label template because it has an incredible design that is basically a master class on designing a product label. Both the front and back of this template are brilliantly designed to create a seamless design that blends in with the product.

Jam Bottle Label Design Template.

Another great label design that you can use as inspiration to create jam jar labels. All elements in this template are in the correct order. All you have to do is customize the details for your product. You can customize the colors and images so that labels of different flavors of jam can also be created.

Gym Supplement Bottle Label Template.

A great feature of this label design is that it blends perfectly with dark containers to create a smooth effect for the label. Of course, if you’re not a fan of this effect, you can edit the EPS file to change the color. Overall, this is an excellent label design for protein and other supplement products.

Free beer bottle label template.

Another free label template you can use to design stylish beer bottle labels. This template has a classic design that comes in two different styles. The template is available in EPS file format.

Free Organic Food Product Label Templates.

You can use this free template to create organic food product labels. This pack contains numerous label templates that you can use with a variety of packaging designs. It also comes in EPS format.

Looking for a makeup to present your label design? Then check out our collection of the best packaging makeup templates.

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