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20+ Best Adobe XD Website Templates (Free & Pro)

Within a year or two of its launch in 2016, Adobe created a masterpiece of UX design tools with Adobe XD.

Adobe XD covers a lot of things and one of the best uses is to design websites. The software offers a collection of amazing tools for creating beautiful web user experiences. And its support for templates makes the process much easier.

In this post, we highlight the versatility of Adobe XD and how you can use it to create any kind of website design. Discover a collection of Adobe XD website templates to get you started on your website design projects.

Agency - Digital Agency Adobe XD Website Template.

Most agency websites available today look alike. They use the same used design layout. Use this template if you want to create agency site design in a unique way. It has a modern design with lots of creative elements to promote services and departments. The template comes in Adobe XD, Sketch, Fagma and PSD formats.

Corporate Business Adobe XD Website Template.

Old corporate website designs are now slowly being replaced with modern and creative layouts. With this template kit, you can design brand new corporate websites that are in line with new trends. It includes a layout of 5 pages including a complete homepage, services page, contact page and much more. Templates are available in Adobe XD, Sketch and PSD.

App Landing Page Adobe XD Template.

This Adobe XD website template kit may look simple and minimal but it actually has a very sophisticated design. It includes a carefully crafted layout that allows you to effectively highlight the features of your mobile apps and promote them at the same time. The template is fully customizable and comes in Adobe XD and other file formats.

Adobe XD Website Templates Kit

Dark colors are the latest growing trend in web design. You can use the same Adobe XD template kit to create websites using the same popular trends. One of the features of this template is that it can be customized to create websites for a wide variety of business, corporate and creative brands. It also includes 6 different page templates with file formats in Adobe XD, Sketch and Photoshop.

SaaS Business Adobe XD Website Template.

This Adobe XD website template is designed with web hosting platforms and companies in mind. However, there are many other types of SaaS businesses that have great designs for creating attractive websites. This is especially great for creating landing pages to promote software. The template has a complete one page design with more than 10 sections.

Free Fashion Adobe XD Website Template

This is a free Adobe XD website template that you can use to create a great site for a fashion brand. It comes with a beautiful layout with enough space to add large images to showcase your products and brand. The template is fully customizable and free to use.

Survival - Free Adobe XD Website Template.

Another free Adobe XD template for designing adventure based websites. It is ideal for promoting outdoor activities as well as creating websites for selling sports equipment, climbing equipment and various other products.

ECommerce Online Store Adobe XD Website Templates.

You can create a modern and stylish eCommerce website using this Adobe XD Website Template Kit. It includes 10 different templates, including home page design and interior pages. The template is ideal for online apparel, beauty and fashion item shops. You can customize the design using Sketch and Photoshop.

Modern Business Adobe XD Website Template.

Use this Adobe XD website template to creatively design corporate business and agency websites. The template has a very colorful design with a block layout inspired by the material design. There are 5 templates in this kit and you can easily edit them to change the color and layout as per your preference.

Joy Boy - Personal Website Template for Adobe XD.

This Adobe XD website template is ideal for designing personal websites for creative professionals. It has a beautiful design combined with minimalism to highlight your skills, experience and portfolio more effectively. The template uses a 12 column grid layout and comes in Adobe XD, Fagma, Photoshop and Sketch file formats.

Creative Digital Agency Adobe XD Website Template.

Whether you’re working on a website design for a design agency or marketing firm, this Adobe XD Template Kit will provide you with all the right designs to create the perfect layout for your project. It includes a modern layout with multiple sections where you can showcase your services, team, case studies, and more.

Property - Real Estate Website Template for Adobe XD

This Adobe XD template kit is designed to create websites for real estate platforms and agencies. This is especially true for property listings and real estate marketplaces where you create a database full of listings. Of course, you can customize the design to suit your project needs. It comes in Adobe XD, Fagma, and Sketch file formats.

Luxury Brand Website Template Kit for Adobe XD

When designing a website to promote a luxury brand or advanced product, the best way is to use a dark theme with lots of visual elements. That’s why this Adobe XD website template works so well for luxury websites. It comes with a stylish homepage layout with 9 internal page templates, including shop pages, shopping cart, checkout page, and more.

Gym and Fitness Free Adobe XD Website Templates.

With this free Adobe XD website template, you can create a modern website for a gym or fitness center. Although the template is free, it has a very professional design with many customizable sections, including video sections, image sliders and much more.

Travel Agency Free Adobe XD Website Template.

You can use this free Adobe XD template to design high quality website for travel agency. It comes with a complete one-page design with multiple sections to promote travel packages, locations and activities. It also comes in sketch and fagma versions.

Personal Portfolio Website Template for Adobe XD

If you are a creative professional, you will not find a better personal website template with more stylish and clean design. This is a great choice for artists, designers, photographers and filmmakers to create a website that showcases their best work and attracts new customers. The template includes many different sections with fully editable layouts.

Emas - Investment Website Adobe XD Template.

This Adobe XD Website Template Kit is designed to create web layouts for businesses in the finance and investment industries. The template has a flexible design that you can easily customize to create sites for a variety of investment firms, consulting agencies and corporate businesses. It also comes in sketch and fagma file formats.

Furniture Store Adobe XD Website Template.

You can create a beautiful online store using this Adobe XD template. It is specially designed for the sale of furniture and interior design items. The template kit includes beautiful product page layouts, shopping carts and much more. Each page comes in separate Adobe XD files with organized layers and custom colors, Google fonts and other elements.

Mobile App Website Template for Adobe XD.

Looking for a simple and effective landing page template to promote your mobile app? Then this Adobe XD website template is for you. It has a classic header section with a call to action, followed by sections to highlight the app’s features, customer testimonials, pricing plans, and more. This mobile app is the perfect template for websites.

Dental - Medical Adobe XD Website Template.

This is a multipurpose Adobe XD website template kit for creating a variety of websites related to the medical industry. You can use it to design sites for medical firms, clinics, hospitals and treatment centers. Flexible and simple design will also make the editing process much easier. You can also use Fagma and Sketch to customize the template.

Digital Agency Free Adobe XD Website Templates.

A free Adobe XD website template for designing agency websites. This template offers a modern layout with multiple sections to showcase your agency, services, and your portfolio. You can edit the template to change the colors and fonts.

Free Food Delivery Website Adobe XD Template.

This free Adobe XD template will come in handy if you are working on a landing page design for a food delivery service. Although this template has a very basic layout with fewer sections, you can use it as a basis to add more elements and create your own unique food website.

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