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20/20 revisits The Stanford Murders, features new interviews

TV and broadcast picks for Friday, September 17th

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“The Burden of Truth” (8 p.m., CW): At the end of the season, with her legal career seemingly over, Joanna (Kristen Crook) begins charting a new course for the future. Billy (Peter Money) gets some unexpected help in his pursuit of a new client. With Dee’s legal case deadlocked, Luna (Star Slade) doesn’t know where to turn.

“20/20” (9 p.m., ABC): In 1973, shock waves swept through Stanford University when three young women – Arliss Berry, Leslie Berloff, and Janet Ann Taylor – were murdered on campus within just 19 months of each other. For nearly five decades, authorities couldn’t solve the mystery of who committed the “Stanford Crimes” until DNA-matching technology finally linked a former security guard, Stephen Blake Crawford, to Perry’s murder. Soon, investigators revisit the other two unsolved cases, and a new forensic test reveals a DNA match with Hayward resident John Arthur Jetrow, another former Stanford employee. In the wake of Getreu’s conviction this week for Taylor’s murder, “20/20” features exclusive interviews with Getreu’s ex-wife’s daughter, Cathy Stone, who testifies that Getreu sexually assaulted her; Susan, Jetro’s ex-wife, who was married to him at the time of the murder; Aaron Jetro, Jetro’s son from his second marriage, who expresses his shock and disbelief at his father’s arrest and his sordid past; and an exclusive TV interview with Evan Williams, the 15-year-old brother of Margaret Williams, who murdered Jetro in Germany in 1963. 20/20 features an exclusive report and footage from the upcoming crime documentary series by the award-winning. Investigative journalist Grace Kang, plus interviews with Sheriff Laurie Smith and Cold Case investigators Sgt. Rick Alanis, Sgt. Noe Cortez, David Tresmontan, and Rick Jackson from Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, who were working to solve the murders. Jetro also faces charges of Perloff’s murder and is due to stand trial next year. He has pleaded not guilty.

“Great Shows: Red Shoes” (9 p.m., PBS; check local listings): This two-time Olivier Award-winning production, director Matthew Bourne, Tony Award-winning choreographer and British company New Adventures tells Hans Christian Andersen’s original story of obsession, obsession, and a dancer’s dream of becoming the world’s greatest dancer. Adapted from the classic 1948 film, it stars Ashley Shaw and Tony nominee Adam Cooper, and plays the music of Golden Age Hollywood composer Bernard Hermann.

“A Football Life” (9 p.m., NFL Network): Season 10 of the NFL Films-produced series begins with a profile on University of Alabama head coach — and seven-time National Champion — Nick Saban. The one-hour show includes sitting interviews with Saban, his wife Terry Saban, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and defensive end for Professional Football Hall of Fame Jason Taylor and others.

“The Morning Show” (Apple TV +): The award-winning, addictive drama series about the dysfunctional inner workings of a morning TV news program returns for its much-anticipated second season. After the explosive events of Season 1, the story finds the “Morning Show” team emerging from the business wreckage of Alex (Jennifer Aniston) and Bradley (Reese Witherspoon), into a new UBA and a world in flux. Besides Aniston Witherspoon, returning cast members include, among others, Steve Carell, Billy Crudup, Mark Duplass, Nestor Carbonell, and Karen Bateman. Newcomers include Julianna Margulies as Laura Peterson, a UBA news anchor who will serve as Bradley’s mentor.

Sex Education (Netflix): It’s New Year’s Eve, Otis has casual sex, Eric and Adam are formal, and Jean has a baby on the way. Meanwhile, new school principal ‘Hope’ attempts to return Mordell to a pillar of excellence, Amy discovers a feminist, Jackson marvels and a lost voicemail keeps looming. In Season 3 of the offbeat comedy, get ready for obsessive animals, weird phenomena, vulva cakes, and more from the Madam Groff series.

Also on Friday:

“Big Brother” (8 p.m., CBS)

“Corazón de America – Celebrating Spanish Culture” (8pm, ABC)

“Washington Week” (8 p.m., PBS)

“Friday Night SmackDown” (8 p.m., Fox)

“Gold Rush” (8 p.m., discovery)

“Phoenix Awards” (8pm, BET)

“Under the Mediterranean” (8pm, Bravo)

“Tooned In” (8:30 p.m., Nickelodeon)

“The Greatest #AtHome Videos” (9 p.m., CBS)

“Brain” (9 p.m., CW)

“Cold Case Files” (9 p.m., A&E)

“Cash in the Attic” (9 p.m., HGTV)

“Surrealestate” (9 p.m., Syfy)

“Real Time With Bill Maher” (10 p.m., HBO)

“All Elite Wrestling: Rampage” (10 p.m., TNT)


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