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2 out of 3 Boston police officers shot after hours-long hospital standoff

BOSTON – The Flashbangs and then a shooting erupted on Ferndale Street in Dorchester on Tuesday afternoon after negotiations that lasted five or more hours and ended in a hail of bullets.

“During those negotiations, the person shot the officers, and he hit three officers on the scene,” said the superintendent, Gregory Long, the acting Boston Police Commissioner.

Police say it began when Dashun Wright, 37, fired a gun at people inside a home on 29 Ferndale. Julie Clark, who says she is his stepmother, said it was aimed at her and her son.

“I came this morning and told him to leave. He pulled out a gun and put it to his brother’s head,” Clark said.

After the 911 call, police quickly filled the street near Codman Square.

“As a result, SWAT assets here as well as BP negotiators have been dropped,” said Superintendent Long.

Negotiators spent more than five hours trying to persuade Wright to surrender but police say he fired first.

“As a result of the shooting, officers at the scene responded by firing and hitting the suspect,” said Superintendent Long.

I have seen He died at the scene of the accident. The officers were taken to the hospital. But Police Director General Long says recent attacks on police have affected officers.

“In the past three days, four Boston Police officers have sustained injuries as a result of encountering lethal force. Once again, this highlights the dangers men and women face every day in this uniform,” said Superintendent Long.

Rachel Rollins, the Suffolk County District Attorney, whose office will investigate the shooting, acknowledged the risks the police face.

“I would say at the end of the day that law enforcement still shows up every day,” D.A. Rollins said.

Acting Boston Mayor Kim Janney and Mayor-elect Michelle Wu were at Boston Medical Center to meet with the injured officers. Mayor Jani issued the following statement:

“I would like to thank the BPD officers for their service and professionalism today. I sympathize with those shot and their families. The City of Boston will support the Attorney General’s full investigation into this case. The recent incidents of violence against police officers are a reminder of the need to address unresolved trauma in our societies.”

Mayor-elect Michelle Wu’s office released the following statement regarding the shooting:

“I have been briefed on the tragic incident unfolding in Dorchester, and will closely monitor the development of this situation. My prayers tonight are with the injured officers, their loved ones and those in our community who have repeatedly faced violence and trauma in our neighborhoods in the past week.”

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