18 Holiday Gifts Under 25 25: Fill your stockings without breaking.

That’s part of the story. Holiday Gift Guide 2021Our list of ideas, in terms of subject matter, recipient and price, to help you discover the best gift.

You do not have to spend a lot of money. Holiday Gifts To show someone that you care about them. Cheap gifts can save you money and have a huge impact on people. If you are looking for unique holiday gifts for less than $ 25, we have a lot of ideas, from toys to headphones, to everyone on your list, from kids to adults.


Socks are sometimes just socks, and it’s boring. On the other hand, these socks are fun according to your personality and often adorned with relevant words.


Most newer smartphones support wireless charging, so why not start using the latest technology with a cheap wireless charger. Anchor currently makes some of the best smartphone accessories, and it’s definitely worth it for yourself or as a gift, especially for just $ 10.


Have you ever wanted to drink freshly squeezed juice or polish your food with it but you don’t have a juicer? With this juicer, you can squeeze your lemons and lime to the last drop.

Have you ever reached into your pocket on a ladder just to drop the screw you needed because it slipped out of your hand? If not here’s a new product just for you! It holds drill bits, screws, tools and more using its strong magnets and is able to fit wrists of any size.

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Crayons and colored pencils are good, but who doesn’t enjoy a nice glossy marker to add a little sparkle to your artwork? You get six shiny markers in this pack that you can use to design anything from home cards to posters.


These iPads are designed to relieve dryness and tighten your skin through collagen, so they are perfect for dry eyes regardless of your age.

Not everyone likes cases, and that’s fine, but some phones are really slipping these days. Adding D-brand skin to the back of your device not only makes it a little more unique, but you can also add some grip and make it easier to hold. You can get skins for all kinds of popular devices, including iPhone, Android, headphones, gaming consoles, laptops and more.


What makes these stickers so attractive is that they are less cared for. If you like them, leave them alone. This is easy to do if you want to mix and match them. And if you want them to go away, just remove them.

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Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device is controlled by Alexa and has Dolby Vision for deep sound. You can stream from Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, PayPal and other services. And best of all, it’s easy to set up and it’s hidden in the back of your TV.


This two-player game takes about 30 minutes to complete and is about using special abilities to win tricks to gain more points from your opponent or basically to get more cards in this round. ۔

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Tamagotchis have been around for over a quarter of a century, and they have never really gone out of style. These electronic pets – which you wash, feed and “train” – are equally good for young Pokemon fans and old people with old memories.

Looking for more toy ideas? Read our list of hot holiday toys for 2021.


This gift card has everything a coffee expert, or at least a Starbucks lover, can. You can obviously put a lot of money into this card, but adding at least $ 25 is a good compromise between showing your concern and breaking the bank to give someone one or two great drinks. Check out this gift card list for more ideas.

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This charming lamp is a fully functional night light for children and a great way to get into a dark room for adults. To define such a lamp, you need a specific personality or pastry hobby. Not only is it eye-catching, it is also easy to use. Just buy some AAA batteries, insert them and the lamp is ready to use.


This is a great storage item for young children 6 years and older. With a magnifying glass and magic pen to help you understand the 24-page mystery, children can learn critical thinking in a fun way.

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Real wireless headphones like the AirPods can run you anywhere from $ 129 to $ 250, if not more. These Mpow models don’t look as good as those expensive Apple or Bates models, but for less than $ 25, they’re not half as bad. (Trust me, CNET reviewers have tried them.)


Everyone, young and old, can use this mascara. Price makes it a great choice for newbies with makeup, and beauty experts will enjoy its quality.


Merino wool is undoubtedly the softest type of wool and these socks are made from it. Every step you take should feel like you’re wearing a soft blanket over your feet, and they’re perfect for living around the house.


Some Lego sets cost over $ 100, but this truck brings entertainment for only $ 20. It even has a pullback motor for racing (and crashing) action. Recommended for children 7 years and older.

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