15-year-old Ethan Curmbley, Michigan teenager charged with the Oxford High School shooting

OXFORD TOWNSHIP, Michigan – The parents of a teen accused of killing four students at a Michigan school have been called to discuss his behavior just hours before the violence occurred, Sheriff said.

The revelation was made public on Wednesday that Ethan Crumble, 15, was charged as an adult with twenty crimes, including murder, attempted murder and terrorism for the Tuesday shootings at Oxford High School in Oakland County.

“He intentionally brought the pistol that day with the intent to kill as many students as possible,” Assistant Attorney General Mark Kist said, while successfully defending Crumbly’s failure to release on bail and his transfer to prison from a juvenile facility.

No motive was provided. But Attorney General Karen MacDonald said the shooting was premeditated based on a “mountain of digital evidence” against Crombley.

Lieutenant Tim Willis of the sheriff’s office said investigators found that he had recorded a video the night before the bloodshed discussing the killing of students.

“This was not just a rash act,” MacDonald told reporters.

During his summons, Crombley replied, “Yes, I do,” when asked if he understood the charges. Defense attorney Scott Cusack has pleaded not guilty.

Earlier, Sheriff Mike Bouchard told reporters that Curmbley’s parents were called to school Tuesday “due to behavior in the classroom that was worrying.” The teenager stayed at school, and the shooting took place a few hours later.

Bouchard did not say what worries school officials. He said investigators believed the gun was indeed present at the 1,700-student school.

“There is nothing he could encounter that would justify senseless, brutal violence on other children,” the sheriff said, noting that Krumble had an additional 18 rounds of ammunition when he was arrested.

In court, Keast said Crumpley entered the bathroom with a backpack and came out with a semi-automatic pistol, shooting the students as they moved down the hallway. The four students killed were 16-year-old Tate Mer, 14-year-old Hannah St. Juliana and Madison Baldwin and Justin Schilling, both aged 17.

The sheriff’s office said three students were in hospitals Wednesday night, including a 17-year-old girl in critical condition. Others got out of the injured.

Deputies rushed to school at lunchtime on Tuesday and captured Krumbli within minutes of the shooting. According to Sharif, his father purchased a 9mm Sig Sauer pistol last week.

The school shooting was the deadliest since the Santa Fe, Texas, high school massacre in 2018, according to the Associated Press/USA Today/Northeastern University Killings database. The United States has seen 31 mass killings this year, 28 of them using firearms.

MacDonald said charges were being considered against Cromble’s parents.

“Having a gun means securing it properly, locking it and keeping the ammunition separate,” she said.

MacDonald told reporters the shooting should be a wake-up call to new gun laws in a country that has become “insensitive to school shootings”.

“We have to do better,” the attorney general said, without introducing specific changes. “How often does this have to happen? How often?”

She also said that the accusation of terrorism is appropriate in this case.

“What about all the kids who run and scream and hide under desks?…these are victims too, so are their families as well as society,” MacDonald said.

A video posted on social media showed students rushing out of classroom windows on the first floor rather than opening a door for someone claiming to be a police officer. It’s likely he’s an investigator, Bouchard said.

After the 2016 presidential election, Cromble’s mother wrote an open letter to Donald Trump as a blogger. He suggested school troubles, financial struggles, and resentments – but also hope for the future.

Jennifer Cromble said she was skipping car insurance payments to hire a tutor to help her son, who was 10 at the time. She blamed it on the “common core” curricula used by teachers.

“My son struggles daily, and my teachers tell me they hate teaching him but they should,” Jennifer Curmbley wrote.

She also celebrated her right to own a gun, a reference to her job as a real estate agent.

“As a female and realtor, thank you for allowing my right to bear arms. Allowing me protection if I offered a home to someone with ill intentions,” she wrote. “Thank you for respecting this amendment.”

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