Home15-foot-long snake eats a whole cow before its stomach opens in shocking footage

15-foot-long snake eats a whole cow before its stomach opens in shocking footage

The Burmese tried to swallow the large cow whole, when a farmer found it dead with its stomach open, lying on the grass in Phitsanulok Province, northern Thailand.

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15-foot-long snake swallows a cow whole in terrifying footage

A predatory Burmese python swallowed a cow before its stomach swelled so badly that it exploded and died.

The 15-foot-long python slithered through grassy pastures as it attacked two-year-old cattle in Thailand’s northern Phitsanulok province on August 21.

The farmer who was searching for the lost cow, which had disappeared three days ago, was shocked when he found the huge snake instead.

The footage shows the python sprawled out on the tall grass with its taut stomach open.

“The snake must have been hungry and saw the cow,” said village official Neron Liwatanakul. “Then he strangled the cow to kill it before swallowing its whole body.”

“However, after the cow died inside the snake, its body became swollen and the stomach of the snake stretched even more. It was a frightening sight.”

A predatory snake swallowed a cow before its stomach exploded



The snake, estimated to be eight years old, eventually died of a ruptured stomach before it could digest the dead cow.

After being examined by the authorities, the animals were cremated and buried in the vacant lot.

No other animals have been reported to have been attacked by the python.

A farmer searching for his lost cow was shocked when he came across the overgrown python



Burmese pythons have an amazing ability to consume very large victims as they can easily digest food that is almost twice their body mass.

Its huge jaws can also be opened to stretch around larger prey.

It comes just days after a file A three-meter diamond snake was seen slithering through the spice section of Woolworths in Sydney.

The snake is not believed to have killed any of the other farm animals



Shopper Helaina Alati was looking for spice when she turned her head and saw the creeper “20 cm from my face”.

I told Guardian Australia: “She just wanted to say hello.”

She said she was at first wrapped behind the spice and that dozens of people “walked past her”.

A Woolworths store spokesperson said Woolworths employees “responded quickly and calmly” to cordon off the area to keep customers safe.

While it was a huge April Serpent She had to be pulled out of the toilet after she climbed through the system and bit the ass of a man.

This is the second similar worrying attack to be reported in Southeast Asia within a few days.

Emergency services were called after the unsuspecting 45-year-old Somchai sensed something biting him – and soon saw the snake’s head staring out of the bowl.

It happened in Samut Prakan province, central Thailand, before the 8-foot reptile tried to escape.


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