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15+ Best YouTube & Screen Templates for 2022

The Related Video Suggestions panel on YouTube uses the platform to allow users to watch hours of content at a time. This is part of the reason why YouTube is so addictive.

With the help of YouTube & Screen Templates, you can take advantage of this tactic to grow your YouTube channel. And to get your audience to watch more of your videos and increase the number of users through the roof.

YouTube & Screen templates allow you to add beautifully designed screens to the end of your videos to suggest more content from your channel and encourage people to subscribe.

We’ve got some amazing YouTube & Screen templates that you can use without any expert design or video editing skills. Take a look.

What is YouTube & Screen?

YouTube & Screen is a small promotional section that you can add to the end of your videos to promote your channel and its content. The end screen can last from 5 seconds to 20 seconds. And you can promote your videos, subscribe buttons, playlists, links, merchandise and more on the closing screen.

By default, when you add a closing screen to a YouTube video, it appears as an overlay on top of your video. This means that the last 5-20 seconds of your video will not be fully visible due to the closing screen. When using the template you can create a YouTube end screen without interfering with your video content.

How to add YouTube & Screen.

You can use either static image based screen or animated video and screen. Using animated and screen will make your channel more professional. How it works

  1. Download and customize the end screen template using Adobe After Effects or Premier Pro.
  2. After customizing your end screen template, export it as a video clip and then attach it to the end of your video using the video editor.
  3. Adjust the length of the closing screen clip to between 5-20 seconds.
  4. Upload the last video to YouTube.
  5. In YouTube Studio, select. Editor. And select Add a closing screen. Option to design your end card layout to match your end screen design.

You can learn more about YouTube’s end screens here.

Be sure to download the YouTube Ultimate Screen Template from our hand-picked collection below to try it out.

YouTuber Pack - 100 After Effects Templates

This is a complete YouTube template pack that comes with 100 different templates to meet all your content creation needs. It includes 20 logo reveal templates, 20 title templates, 25 low thirds, 10 different end screen templates and much more. All templates can be customized with Adobe After Effects to your liking. This is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.

Stylish YouTube & Screen Templates

This template bundle will come in handy if you have a YouTube channel that shares creative content such as tutorials, branded videos, design and lifestyle content. It includes 5 different YouTube and screen templates with stylish and modern design. All templates are available in full HD resolutions.

5 YouTube & Screens After Effects Templates

Collection of colorful and stylish YouTube and screen templates. These templates can be used with various videos, from lifestyle blogs to food recipe videos and much more. It includes 5 different end screen templates with different layouts to promote your videos and channel.

4K YouTube & Screen After Effects Templates

If you’re creating content in 4K resolution, you’ll need to find end-screen templates that match your video resolution. This collection includes 5 beautiful YouTube and screen templates in 4K resolution. All elements, colors, text and animations are also fully customizable.

Colorful YouTube & Screen Premier Pro Templates.

Whether you’re teaching Photoshop tutorials or creating content for a branded YouTube channel, this YouTube & Screen Template Pack has a variety of designs to suit your needs. The templates are available in several color schemes and in the Premier Pro file format.

Free 2D YouTube & Screen Template

This is a free YouTube & Screen template that you can download and use with your personal plans. The template offers a creative design suitable for a variety of creative and branded channels. It is also available in full HD resolution.

5 Free YouTube & Screen Templates

This free YouTube & Screen bundle includes 5 different templates with fun and unique designs. These are great for channels that cover entertainment-related content, such as gaming and movie review channels.

YouTube Promo Toolkit - After Effects Templates

Use this template to create beautiful end screens for your videos that attract attention. The bundle includes various templates to create everything from logos to transition effects, low thirds, closing screens, and many other elements. All templates can be customized after effects.

Creative YouTube & Screen Templates

Creative artists and lifestyle bloggers will find this YouTube & Screen Template Pack very useful as it comes with a set of modern end card designs. All the templates in this pack also have different element layouts and animations. You can customize them using After Effects.

After Effects YouTube & Card Template

If you’re making videos for a brand or business channel, it’s best to use minimal and clean design for the end screens. This template pack includes a number of end card layouts that you can use to create such a professional YouTube and screen. They are available in full HD resolution and are compatible with After Effects.

5 YouTube & Cards FCP Pro Templates.

Looking for fancy and screen designs for your short films and documentaries? Then finally this pack of cart templates will come in handy. It includes 5 different YouTube and screen designs with more creative and entertaining designs. The templates are compatible with both Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion software.

YouTube Starter Pack 4K After Effects Templates.

This is a great bundle of YouTube templates and content creators. It includes a variety of templates including many end screen templates, logo revelations, graphic elements, title screens and much more. All templates are available in 4K resolution and After Effects format.

Baby's YouTube & Screen Templates

There are many YouTube channels dedicated to creating content for children. If you have one, use this pack to create more fun and colorful elements for your videos. This includes templates for openers, lower thirds, closing screens, and more. Each template is easily customizable after effects.

Free Simple YouTube & Card Template

A simple and minimal YouTube and screen template. This template is perfect for creating a basic end screen for your casual videos and blogs. This is a static template that comes in Photoshop PSD and PNG formats.

Free animated youtube and screen template.

This free youtube & screen template comes with creative dynamic glow effect. The effect revolves around your end card elements so that they can be highlighted more effectively. The template is free to download and use with all your plans.

YouTube Template Kit for Professionals

The templates in this bundle are designed to create videos only for professional and branded YouTube channels. It includes various YouTube elements, low thirds, subscription notifications, quote boxes and end screen templates. All of these can be customized using Adobe After Effects.

Modern YouTube & Screen Templates

A collection of modern YouTube and screen templates. It includes various end-screen designs that are suitable for more feminine YouTube channels, especially for beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers. You can easily edit the template design to change the font and text.

Multipurpose YouTube & Screen Template Pack.

This large bundle of YouTube & Screen Templates comes with many different styles of card designs. There are different end screens for all kinds of YouTube channels, from travel vendors to business channels and much more. Templates can be customized with Premier Pro.

Check out our excellent YouTube font collection to find cool fonts for your video projects.

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