15 Amazing YA Fantasy Books With Love Triangles

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It doesn’t matter what year, people want what they want: YA fantasy books with love triangles! And I’m no different. There is simply something undeniable about a character sandwiched between two people and two worlds, not sure which side to choose. Sometimes the choice is political, material, or simply magical. Often there are situations in the imagination of young adults when fate intervenes and chooses the character. But no matter what, there is no easier way to ignite the fires of discussion among readers than for the author to insert a steamy love triangle into his story.

when hunger Games Books and then movies appeared, and my friends and I often discussed Katniss’ predicament in choosing between Peta and Jill. Unpopular opinion: Several days I thought that perhaps Katniss should give up the boys and be happy on her own. Other days I was solidly a beta team. Today, I find much joy in discussing the romantic choices that new young fictional characters are making. (I hope you read this, Sarah J. Maas.)

Whether you end up loving these love triangle fantasy books, or you end up loving to argue about them, let’s dive into the ultimate list of YA fantasy books with love triangles you’ll never forget!

Cover of The Hunger Games by Susan Collins

hunger Games by Susan Collins

The world is dark and hopeless in Panem. The wealthy live in obscene wealth, while others are starving. One way to gain wealth and fame for your family? To be selected in the annual Hunger Games lottery and be the last one standing. When Katniss Everdeen is selected, she is sent to the Capitol to fight for her life. Next to it is a pita mellarc candy. And left behind? Her fiery friend, Jill Hawthorne. Now Katniss’ life is on the line, and two boys compete for her attention.

The Beautiful Renee Ahdiya's cover photo

the beautiful by Rene Hadiya

What should one do when accidentally killing someone in 19th century France? Set sail to America, scandalize some nuns, and get caught up in another murder plot with some very attractive boys. Céline Russo is looking to escape her past and become independent in the new world, but Sebastian Saint-Germain and Michael Grimaldi have other plans. Throw in vampires, werewolves, some quotable moments from the fierce Selene, and the beautiful It is an unstoppable journey.

The book of the tiger in the middle of the night

tiger in the middle of the night by Swati Teerdhala

Isha fights for her country in the moonlight, killing her enemies one by one. When her most important assassination mission is interfered with, she must flee the scene. On the other hand, Kunal was known as a soldier and warrior throughout his life. He often thinks of leaving in search of a quiet life. When the powerful military commander’s uncle is assassinated, Kunal sets out to follow the supposed killer. Isha and Kunal’s lives are intertwined when they discover the truth about their dying countries. But Isha’s feelings for Amir Darka may make things more complicated. And let’s be real – the chemistry between Esha and Kunal is very epic tiger in the middle of the night A must for any list of steamy love triangle books.

Cover of Three Dark Crowns

Three dark crowns by Kinder Blake

The story of twin sisters with deadly gifts, all drooling over one throne. What could possibly go wrong? As per usual, the royal family is a mess in the fantasy land of Finburn. Princesses Arsinoe, Catherine and Mirabella are separated in the name of strength. In an intriguing love triangle, one of the sisters destroys any chance of making up when she sleeps with her sister’s close lover. Three dark crowns Fatal, twisted, and impossible to put down!

Sweet Black Waves book cover

sweet black waves by Cristina Perez

In retelling the romantic and ancient legend of Izult and Tristan, readers are able to hear the story in a small, audible voice: Branwyn. Branwyn is the lady-in-waiting and close friend of the somewhat pampered Princess Essault. When she discovers a wounded stranger and saves his life, she is thrown into the turbulent waters of love and potential betrayal. And of course, Branwen, Iseult, and Tristan are caught up in a love triangle that will change their lives – and their country – irrevocably.

Ebony wingspan: a girl in a dark cloak

Ebony wings by J. Elle

Roo never wanted her to be any part of the secret magical society that her father belonged to. But when her mother is murdered, Ru is torn apart by her sister and brought into a world of gods called Ghizon. As a half human and half god, no one knows what to do with a street. And all she wants to do is go back to Houston and take care of her family. But when she comes back, she realizes that something is very wrong and some of the same problems exist in Houston as in Ghizon. Along the way to save the world, Roe’s first love appears, as well as a new person she can’t take her eyes off of.

Cover image of The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

red queen by Victoria Averd

In the kingdom of Norta, members of the royal family and the wealthy – those with silver blood – have magical powers. They look down on red-blooded people who are therefore less charming. The red-blooded girl, Mary Barrow was not sent to fight in a desperate war for the kingdom (unlike all her brothers). When she began serving in the royal palace, it was intentionally revealed that she had intense, unpredictable powers. Suddenly, she is engaged to Prince Maven. But she is also infatuated with his older brother, Prince Cale, and feels torn between their political views. Which one will do what is right for its people? Who enlightens its power instead of subduing it?

Labyrinth lost book cover

lost maze by Zoraida Cordova

Things are great in Brooklyn until Alex, one of the most powerful magicians – also known as a broga – decides to get rid of the magic. While her entire family disappears into another world, Alex must face her own fear in order to save them. As she ventures into the realm of the dead, she has two people by her side: Nova, a cunning Progo, and Richie, Alex’s best friend. Who wouldn’t enjoy fighting mythical monsters and their heart?

New Shadow and Bone Cover for Leigh Bardugo

Shadow and bones by Lee Bardugo

Shadow Fold, a dark cursed place filled with winged creatures, divided the world in two for what seemed to be forever. In Ravka, the people are also divided. Some have magic and are called Grisha. Others are without magic. So when Alina, a seemingly human girl, reveals a strength she’s never seen before, she shocks the world. After her split from her childhood best friend, Mal, a powerful man named The Darkling takes her under his wing. But which side is The Darkling fighting for? And what world does Alina want to create with her powers?

Selection book cover: Girl in a blue dress

the choice by Kira Cas

if BSC And The bachelorette Anything she taught us, is that the best way to find a husband is to just throw the nicest people in the room and let the drama in order. the choice is the cheerful – and dark – version of BSC. Fighting for a better place in her war-torn world, America Singer inadvertently enters the Selection Contest with 34 other girls. Whoever wins marries the prince. The problem is that America is already falling in love with her best friend back home… but then she meets Prince Maxon, and things start to get really tough.

Guinevere Deceit Cover

deceive jennifer by Kiersten White

The Camelot Rising series gets off to a hot start with a totally love triangle! (Or maybe even a quadrangle for love?) Raised and trained to go in disguise as Princess Guinevere at King Arthur’s court, Merlin’s wing was thrown in the middle. She is tasked with protecting a kingdom that has banned all magic. But who can she trust to share the burden of saving the kingdom? Whom do you trust in her heart? noble king? cunning friend? Or the mysterious knight?

Ember in Ashes غطاء Cover

cinder in ashes by Sabaa Tahir

Only Elias knew what it meant to train to become a soldier in the Martial Empire. Unlike his best friend, Helen, he feels conflicted and dreams of a different, more peaceful life. When he meets Laia, a quick-witted servant and spy at his ruthless mother’s house, everything begins to change. Elias and Helen are forced to fight in a competition to become the new emperor. But when Helen realizes despair’s growing feelings for Laia, the characters no longer just need to choose between Empire and Resistance: now they have to figure out who they love.

Cover of the book These Hollow Vows: Red-haired girl with a cloak, next to two children

These empty promises by Lexi Ryan

Brie and her younger sister were mysteriously abandoned by their mother years ago. Although Brie steals from the wealthy to make ends meet, the two men are still impossibly in debt. Then Bree’s sister is cruelly sold to an evil jinn king and Bree must take a risk among those she hates. As she uses all her strength and cunning to save her sister, Brie finds herself caught between two princes.

Legendborn Cover

Legendborn by Tracy Dion

After her mother’s tragic death, Brie heads off to college on an advanced student program. Strange things start to happen on the campus, such as the appearance of scary monsters and people trying to hypnotize them. Brie discovers she herself has magical powers, and ends up amidst a secret student society called the “Legendborn”. Nick is set to be Bree’s mentor, and their feelings start to grow the longer they spend together. But there’s also Ciel, who Brie wasn’t quite sure of…

Twilight book cover

twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Edward or Jacob? This has been the question for over 15 years. (Wild, right?) So it’s fitting that it’s impossible to make a list of YA fantasy books with love triangles without authorizing one of the originals in the metaphor: twilight. Bella is just enjoying another day in glory – aka Pacific Northwest High School – when she meets an amazing boy with secrets. The more I know about Edward, the more undeniable I find. But another new friend, a boy named Jacob, warns her to stay away from Edward. When Bella becomes deeply involved in their lives, she discovers that something supernatural is going on… and that she may have to choose between Edward and Jacob after all.

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