14 cute and spooky Halloween nail polishes

It’s a spooky season, and whether you’ve already chosen Halloween Costume or simply want to get into the spirit, there are a variety of fun Nail polish Shades are there to complete your look.

nail effect Lauren Phelps She told HuffPost she’s excited to wear it Delicate lilac, black and red.Although I am attracted to Generous Polishing, I think the shiny and duo chrome polish is perfect for Halloween! ” She said.

The color changing heat polishing is what affects the nails Kelly Marisa Wearing this season. “Thermal ones are a really cool finish and there’s something very mysterious about wearing them around Halloween, especially if you’re doing flash nail art where your design is the same color as the polish in its cool state, and the warmer temperatures reveal your nail art,” she said. Perfect to sneak in some bats or spiders on your nails and scare people!”

Here are our top picks for classics Cream nail polish and a special effect that screams Halloween.

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1. Cirque Colors Magic Clock

Part of the brand Amazing trio of changing colorsThis limited-edition thermal nail polish turns from black when it’s cold to gray when it’s warm and is accentuated with sparse 3D sparkle. For more Halloween fun, Paint over a design with black nail polish for a peekaboo effect.

2. Cirque Colors Mystic Moonstone

This soft white shade is, in a word, ethereal. The mysterious blue sheen and subtle holographic shine give it a stunning multidimensional finish that will make any wolf howl.

3. Eclipse by ILNP

Part of ILNP’s evil groupInspired by a fearsome forest, this unique shade transforms from ‘mysterious black’ to ‘fiery red’ with shades of orange, gold, and even teal in between. It’s Halloween in a bottle and you definitely need it.

4. Cursed by ILNP

If you love black nail polish, then this shiny black gel nail polish is for you. The deep black base is accented with shimmering foil in purple, green, and orange, achieving full coverage in two to three layers. It’s like a Halloween party on your nails and we’re at it.

5. Misery by ILNP

Described as “a burnt orange hologram with a vivid metallic glow,” this polish is the color of the bright pumpkin spice in our dreams. It’s made of copper foil and anthropomorphic microchips that come to life in the sunlight – you know, like a shining vampire. The effect is amazing.

6. WKF by Olive & June

This gentle moss green cream may not have any luster or discoloration properties, but it may just turn you into wearing green nail polish. Paint this on Halloween, then wear it all season long.

7. JJ by Olive & June

Described by the brand as a “warm cinnamon brown with just the right amount of sweet and spicy,” this shade is perfect for Halloween at home with scary movies, snacks, and a warm drink on hand. Wear JJ alone or as part of a Skittle manicure; Olive & June sponsored a Apple and caramel spice set And Pumpkin Spice Latte Set, both of which include JJ.

8. Comment by Loud Laker

Elevate your favorite cream polish with this black and white topper from small independent brand Loud Lacquer. The hexagonal sparkle in black and white gives us a Jackson Pollock vibe and we love it. This top can be worn on its own or layered over a few days (or even weeks) old manicure to give it a refresh and even cover any flakes.

Halloween nail polishes

9. Ella + Mila Lip Tint

Described as a “shiny burgundy brown,” this shade is sure to go with everything you’d wear for Halloween. It’s made with Ella + Mila MAP Certified It’s vegan and 17-free (meaning it’s free of 17 potentially harmful chemicals commonly found in nail polish).

10. Little Plum Dress by Ella + Mila

This deep, dark, almost black purple is absolutely stunning and perfect for a night of mischief (and we mean spoiled watching”Harry Potter “ Movies while stealing fun-sized candy bars from the bowl of trick-or-treaters). It’s also made with the brand’s No 17 formula, which also claims to be quick-drying and chip-resistant.

11. Freud Flip from Orly

Described by the brand as a “mermaid-shaped chrome shimmer,” this gorgeous nail polish goes from green to blue to purple. It’s part of Orly’s Breathing The line (which the company claims prevents chipping and peeling), is a line of one-step nail polishes that require no base or top coat.

12. Celeste Teal by Orly

This dark green cream is “inspired by the depths of space” and makes a great base for Galaxy nail art. It’s an ultra-chic fall staple and is infused with Argan Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C.

Halloween nail polishes

13. Hope by Zoya

This warm-toned classic crimson red has a ruby ​​red pearl spot and comes in a MatteVelvet finish by Zoya. It looks like velvet on the nails and is a fun twist on a classic red nail polish.

14. Rachel from Zoya

Described as a “full-coverage raspberry cream,” this warm-toned paint is a classic opaque dark red shade in two layers. It’s perfect for Halloween and versatile enough to wear all year round.


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