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1,000 Pop Shelf Stores Plot for General Wealthy Millennials

  • Dollar General said Thursday that it plans to have 1,000 pop shelf stores by 2025. He currently has 30.
  • These stores, which sell more expensive products, are aimed at rich, suburban millennials.
  • Experts say the dollar could give the generals a chance to boost profit margins and boost growth.

Dollar General has great plans for its valuable store concept, the pop shelf, with the goal of making the suburban millennium more profitable.

Announcing its third-quarter earnings on Thursday, Discount China said it plans to expand the pop shelf to 1,000 US locations by 2025. It currently has only 30 of these stores.

Popshelf stores a mix of non-perishable products, such as household items, arts and crafts, and toys, most of which cost $ 5 or less. Unlike her sister China, Dollar General, Popshelf is targeted at a wealthy audience – especially millennial women with an annual household income of between $ 50,000 and $ 125,000. The average consumer earns ڈالر 40,000 or less.

News of expansion plans comes as the dollar general saw a decline in sales in recent quarters after more than a decade of blockbuster growth since 2008.



In a note to clients on Thursday, Neil Saunders, an analyst at Global Data Retail, said that although the company was highly profitable, the decline in profits over the past year was worrying. He said that as a proportion of sales, net income fell from 7.0 per cent last year to 5.7 per cent this year.

Although dollar stores generally benefit in times of economic downturn, or in an environment of inflation when customers are making money, they also have a major disadvantage as they are limited to how much they can afford. Can add This is especially so now that the United States has been experiencing the highest levels of inflation for more than 30 years.

Dollar Tree, a partner large dollar store chain, which has been committed to the 1 and lower price point since its inception, recently said that it would reduce its costs due to rising transportation and labor costs Prices will rise to 25 1.25.

Saunders said Popshelf’s concept could play a key role in enabling the dollar general to increase its profit margins by offering products at higher prices as inflation lowers its bottom line. In addition, it can give the company space to grow its business by targeting a new and richer customer base.