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100 best pumpkin carving ideas for Halloween 2021

It’s almost that scary time of year again when the streets are filled with ghosts and monsters.

Whether you’re looking to get some inspiration for your own pumpkin this year or want to know what trends this year, we’ve got you covered.

Due to the Corona virus, which has forced many people to stay at home and continue working from home, it seems that there has been more time for people to explore their creative side in order to Halloween.

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While people are still wondering if it is acceptable to do so Go trick-or-treating this yearThat didn’t stop everyone from expressing their love for the spooky holiday.

One of the most popular ways to show that you’re in the Halloween spirit is by carving a devilish pumpkin.

From creepy characters like The Joker and Beetlejuice to much-loved icons like Micky and Minnie Mouse, there’s plenty of pumpkin inspiration to run around.

If you choose to hang the fangs this year and stay indoors instead of trick or treating, you can still get involved by carving a pumpkin for all to see.

You’ll be able to find plenty of sculpting inspiration here thanks to everyone who contributed to his designs this year – try your hand and see if you can do anything better!

We asked our Facebook readers to tell us about the most creative pumpkin designs of the year and we certainly weren’t disappointed.

From popular horror characters to unique character designs, here are 100 of the best pumpkin carving ideas of 2021.

pumpkin beetle jade

Jade McCormick carved this highly creative Beetlejuice into her own pumpkin with an incredible amount of detail for her facial features that make her instantly recognizable.

Claire Batman Pumpkin

Not all pumpkins have to be villains, Claire Thompson carved Gotham Night’s hero Batman into her perfect pumpkin with that icy glow we all associate with it.

Laura Super Mario Pumpkin

If you’re looking to get your kids involved, don’t worry! Laura Baker and her children sculpt Mario and Pooh the Ghost from the Super Mario video game series.

Shannon blue smoked pumpkin

Shannon Harvey has shown that it’s not all about the carving design itself, just adding a little smoke of color can create a spooky atmosphere for even the most popular pumpkin design!