10 Tools to Increase Email Marketing Conversions

More than 59% of marketers say email is their biggest source of ROI. Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to connect your contacts and make them long-term customers.

But how do you get the best results from email marketing?

Some of the best methods of effective email marketing include:

  • Personalization and distribution for highly relevant messages.
  • High quality content that provides value with every email.
  • A / B testing emails, especially workflows, to improve your messaging.
  • Don’t forget to send emails frequently, or send them so long that your contacts forget who you are.

But in order to increase your email marketing conversions and be in the best position to get the most ROI, there are many valuable tools that can be added to your marketing stack. We’ve compiled the top 10 to get you started.

10 Tools To Get Better Results From Email Marketing

1. Email marketing service.

More email conversions begin. An email marketing tool you like to use.. It may be part of your CRM or a standalone tool, but it should be a tool you can get the most out of.

To compare some of the best email marketing tools when you start Mailerlight, Sanden Blue and MailChamp.

When choosing the best email marketing tool for your business, start with free trials and compare a short list of your services:

  • User experience – Do you like to use the app and find it intuitive?
  • Functionality – Does it include well-designed drag and drop templates if you need them? What about easy-to-use automation and A / B testing tools?
  • Price – Is it within your budget?
  • Integration – Is it in sync with your other favorite apps?

2. Data enhancement tool.

Change comes with personality. To create highly personalized emails and get higher engagement rates from your messages, use a data enhancement tool that expands the scope for your personal nature.

ClearBit allows you to enter email addresses or corporate domains and retrieve useful data from over 250 sources across 85 unique data fields, including company sector, job titles, and more.

3. Marketing automation.

Are you still using marketing automation? This enables you to automatically send the right email to the right people at the right time, which is one of the best ways to increase conversions from email.

Here are some of the best marketing tools for small businesses:

  • Active Campaign – Aims to provide “real marketing automation”
  • HubSpot – CRM with automation for internal workflow and external communication.
  • SendinBlue – A powerful email provider with built-in email automation features.
  • MailChamp – The most popular email marketing service is now one of the best marketing software.

4. Inbox Tools.

With your existing tools, can you check if a particular contact has opened your email? What about scheduling messages to be sent at a specific time? With tools like Boomerang for Gmail, you can easily see if your emails are open.

Many CRMs also have inbox sync. Including Copper, which is designed for G Suite and works inside your inbox.

Home page gsuite

5. Landing page optimization.

To increase your email marketing conversions, think about the pages where you want your links to change. Are they totally better? Take the time to check if every page you link to in your emails is high quality, user friendly, and has a clear CTA that is the next step in email content.

To maximize the conversions you receive, use the Landing Page tool, such as Inbound, to create the most user-friendly page with an efficient CTA.

6. Email and conversion analytics.

How much data do you have on the emails you send? By collecting data throughout the funnel, you are in the best position to identify and fix any leaks that are losing your conversions.

Here are some valuable data to inform your strategy for changing email marketing:

  • Sends email, opens, bounces, clicks.
  • Conversion rate on landing pages.
  • Revenue, closing times, and ROI from email marketing contacts and customers.

7. Email Verification and List Cleaner Service.

Review your performance statistics after the Posting campaigns is fine and good, but you can check out key information. First Sending to increase results?

With tools like DataValidation, you can see the percentage of delivery and non-delivery email addresses in your list before sending. This is a great way to eliminate bounce, improve email marketing conversions and increase ROI.

You can synchronize DataValidation with the rest of your tech stack in two ways to remove unsolicited emails from all tools.

8. Calendar Scheduling App.

How does conversion feel in your business? If it’s time-booking in your team’s calendar, such as for a demo call, maximize the number of scheduled meetings with the calendar scheduling app.

With tools like Calendar, you can add links to your emails that enable able leads to quickly book a meeting at a time that suits both of you.

Calendar scheduling app.

9. CRM system

The best working business has a CRM that their team likes to use and can trust. Your CRM increases email marketing conversions so you can send the right content to the right groups of people, maximizing the opportunity for them to respond to and convert to CTA.

To get the best results from your CRM, make sure all your contacts from all apps are in sync with your mailing list as well. Make sure the correct distribution and data are also synchronized, such as the original source, business information, and the latest contact details.

10. Two-way data synchronization.

To get better results from email marketing, look at who you are sending it to. Are all the contacts selected in all the apps in your mailing list? You are missing email addresses from your webinar tools, personal inbox, or other lead gene tools.

To ensure that each contact is synced in the right place, use two-way data synchronization to sync your data between apps and place each piece of data exactly where you want it to be. If neededNew call to action.

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