10 Things You Should Get 2K Right

Dramatic drum roll, please. Build that expectation, because that’s worth saying, and it’s something worth saying clearly. Are you ready, dear reader? Want to know what’s the single most important thing 2K should have when WWE 2K22 comes out during the first quarter of next year?


Yes, this is correct. 2K20 was such a mess of the game that its follow-up has some serious builds. Recently, 2K leaked a video that showed off all the changes they made to the long-running series (one that took a much-needed year). worth checking out This list is for a summary of all confirmed information.

There is more that developers need to do. Much more! 2K is sitting on the brink of disaster here, and they may not hold that WWE license any longer if they don’t pull their finger and make sure 2K22 is a hit. On the monetary and financial fronts.

Restoring confidence in a wounded series is half the battle – critics are already waiting for the crux of this game, as such. Here’s how 2K can prevent this from happening.

Any semblance of a positive developer-client relationship is shattered by 2K20’s miserable failure. 2K needs to make sure that there is a deliberate and concerted effort to restore confidence in WWE video games once again – the entire brand has been decimated by the absolutely stunning debacle of 2019.

There is a reason people love the classics. Games like Here Comes The Pain, No Mercy and the like were love letters to goofy wrestling players everywhere, and it was obvious that the people who made them really cared. Sadly, nowadays, the experience of buying a WWE game feels soulless.

Otherwise, 2k. For the love of God, change that.

Give players a reason to be proud of copying 2K22 in the faces of non-believers and skeptics. Rebuild the once-proud adulation of these games, and make 2K20 just a glimpse into the history of pro wrestling games. It has to be a one-off last – WCW Backstage Assault of its generation.

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