10 Terrible Events That Destroyed Earth’s Mutant Heroes

While Marvel Comics teams like Avengers and Fantastic Four are world heroes, saving the planet many times over, X-Men are very different. Although they are also heroes who have saved the world more than once, people hate and fear them because they are mutants born with special powers and therefore different.

The prejudice in X-Men stories often leads to horrific events that destroy the mutant population. These incidents come at the hands of the US government, other anti-extremist factions and even the extremist community. In some cases, almost every mutation on the planet has been dep depreciated or killed, simply because much of the world cannot accept the mutation.

One of the most devastating events in Marvel Mutant history occurred on the island of Genusha. For years, mutants lived in fear of humans who wanted to die just for them. They soon found their place in the Genusha people. After the country was handed over to the magnet by the United Nations, it became a haven of peace for the variables, and only mutants were allowed there.

Sadly, this peace will not last. For years, both government and private industries have used sentinels to catch and kill mutants. In this case, the evil Cassandra Nova sent Wild Sentinels to attack the island without warning, and more than 16 million mutants died.

Although X-Men was the face of mutants all over the world and many others lived in secrecy, if their secrets were learned, another group would remain hidden for fear of their lives. These were Morlocks, mutants whose appearance did not allow them to remain secret among humans.

Mr. Senster wanted the mutant, who lived in the tunnels under New York City, dead. He sent his eucalyptus into the tunnels and forced them to attack the Morlex without warning. X-Men, X-Factor, New Mutants, Power Pack and Thor all came to the rescue, but hundreds of Morlocks were killed in the attack.

Not all of the events that destroyed X-Men were about killing the mutants. This is true of the Weapon X program. Fans of the film know all about it, just like this group did. X2. Who attacked the excavation and abducted the mutant children living there. At Comics, it was the same company that experimented with mutations.

The goal of the program was to identify potential mutants and put them to the test by either revealing their mutations or preparing them to be used as a weapon in humans. It was a program that carried out immoral experiments on Wolverine, Deadpool and others.

Long before the Superhero Registration Act, the “Civil War” between Iron Man and Captain America began, another act that was equally controversial. It was a mutation registration act. It started with Robert Kelly, a government official who felt that all mutations should be registered with the government.

Some mutants fled the scene, including former members of the Bride of Evil mutants, which became a government task force. However, the law rewards anyone who changes unregistered mutations and endangers the lives of young adolescents across the country.

The “attack” was an incident in Marvel Comics that affected every hero in the world. This was done by Professor Charles Xavier with a magnet that got out of control. Charles erased Magneto’s mind after a fight, and in doing so, he opened a vessel of hatred called Anslot.

Attack was a being that was more powerful than any hero in the Charles Xavier, Magneto, and Marvel Units. The attack almost destroyed the world. His attack killed the Avengers and Fantastic Four and turned the whole world against the Mutants.

“Operation: Zero Tolerance” occurred after the “attack”. With the Avengers and Fantastic Four, Mutant Enemies became the No. 1 enemy. After the war, Graydon Creed ran for the presidency of the United States on an anti-mutation platform. When something hit it, people believed it was mutable.

Because of this, a man known as Bastion started a government program called Operation Zero Tolerance. No one knew that Bastion was not a human being but a sentinel. He created new prime sentinels that looked like humans and got government permission to catch or kill all the mutants.

The “catastrophe” was one of the most traumatic events ever. Although not as bad as the attack on Genusha, it was in some ways even more devastating because of the long-lasting effects on the mutants. After the demise of “House of M”, Scarlett Witch, in one of her worst works, deprived 91.4% of the world’s mutants of their authority.

As a result, many mutants have been unable to survive after losing their powers. It also made Scarlett the most hated person in the world for almost all mutants. About one million mutants lost their power during this catastrophic event.

After depriving Scarlett of the power of nearly a million mutants, she allowed anti-mutant haters to attack defenseless people, many of them young and children. One of the X-Men villains was called the Purifier, led by the evil William Striker, who wanted to rid the world of all mutants.

Although “decimation” weakened the mutants, which made them mostly human, it was not enough for the striker who wanted them all dead. At Xavier Institute, out-of-school children were being taken by bus when purifiers bombed it, killing about a quarter of the school’s children.

Some of the most catastrophic events in X-Men’s history occurred in alternative timelines. The first of these was “Future Past Days”, the first major X-Men alternative timeline story to appear in comics. In this world, sentinels were sent to catch all the mutants but took over the world by killing regular heroes.

Most of the X-Men were dead when the story began, and it wasn’t until they sent someone back in time to stop the killing that the timeline passed. Sadly, in this particular event, almost every major X-Men member died, including Wolverine, Colossus, Storm, and more.

The “Age of Apocalypse” was reportedly the biggest alternative timeline event that destroyed X-Men. In this world, Professor X never existed because Legion went back in time to kill Magneto and accidentally his father died instead. Without Xavier, the Apocalypse appeared and took over the world.

He destroyed the X-Men, unable to defeat the Apocalypse, and had to conquer the earth. Even when the surviving X-Men defeated him, the Wolverines eventually became evil and continued to rule the world, killing any mutant that resisted.

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